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  1. The point I'm trying to get to is that if they have been calling me regularly, why can't they just confirm my address? This way, I would've received the letter and able to defend myself. No, the property is not sold. Yes, I am confused as I was called to be advised that as charge is placed, then now realised I have a CCJ. This is the main reason I posted in this thread. As a result, the new employers have withdrew their offer of employment. My current one cannot offer my old job back. So I am facing unemployment. May I ask what you do for a living?
  2. 1.you were paying less than the required PCM? so they were within their rights to issue a claim. *** even though they agreed with the payments? They called me every month asking how much I can pay. 2.they didn't know you hew address? so they quite legally served it to your old one. *** as above, they have my number. They could have contacted me - which they did AFTER the charge has been done 3.its upto you to inform your creditors in writing that you have moved. ** as above, they have my mobile number 4.if either of the above apply I cant see any point i
  3. That's the issue, I haven't stopped paying. I paid in part when I wasn't in a full time employment and I have called them to advise of this. They actually called me every month when the mortgage is due to confirm whether I can start paying the monhtly amount in full. The moment I found a permanent, full time position I advised them. This would have been in late Nov or sometime in Dec 2009. CCJ was dated 16 Dec 2009 and I started work 11 Jan 2010. I assume they sent the letter to the old address but they are aware i wasn't living there (regular monthl
  4. I was wondering why they have to place a CCJ on the unsecured part, especially when I advised them as soon as I found another permanent job.
  5. Hi all Just found this thread as I was searching for advise with regard to my Together mortgage. I currently have one with an unsecured part at £30k. I am up-to-date with my payments although there was a period when I lost my job and was only paying part of my monthly payments. I eventually found a permanent job and have been on it for 5 and half years. Now I have been offered a position with another company but was retracted last week on the grounds that they performed a credit check and found a CCJ against my name which is lodged by NRAM in Dec 2009
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