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  1. Hi there need more advice please. Just received "Notice Of Proposed Allocation To The Small Claims Track" With a "Directions Questionnaire" What do i do now looks like they are going to go to court How do i fill this out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz REF N180
  2. Hello guys i got this letter today from Bryan Carter Solicitors. They intend to proceed to court but want to negotiate first? What should i do next please?
  3. Thanx for the help guys you are wonderful on here!!
  4. I have no paperwork at all Can't remember the name of the company I think the particulars of claim might have original company but would i not be just better going after British Gas who actually sold the PPI to me?
  5. My problem with the bank is that it got taken over by Barclays after i stopped paying so that will be no good. I am sure getting hold of the agreement and court details will give me what i need. I hope
  6. Thanx Email sent, let's hope they can help. Like any idiot can see that somebody medically retired at age 32, registered Disabled, Rated at 50% disabled for IIDB and on Higher rate mobility and medium care DLA (with numerous medical examinations for IIDB-IB-DLA) should be obviously put in the SUPPORT group lol
  7. Should i contact the County Court to see if they have any information on the case that might be useful? What is the best way to get the details of an old CCJ so that i know who to contact etc?
  8. Hello i am writing this on behalf of my husband to see if you can help. My husband was injured and was medically retired 18 years ago. Since then he has been on :- Incapacity benefit. Disability Living Allowance : Higher Rate Mobility - Medium Rate Support. Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. (Rated @ 50% Disabled) Registered Disabled. 2 years ago he was told that he was going on the new E.S.A. and that it would not affect his payment (lost the proof). In short he was put into the "Work Related Activity Group" and received contribution-based ESA. He was sent to the loca
  9. Hello, i have a long winded question here about PPI. Approx 8 years ago i took out British Gas boiler cover "Homecare" and when our boiler was tested we were told that it was on it's way out and would cost us a fortune in fuel etc. We were advised to get a new one. Soon afterwards a British Gas guy came out and sold us a boiler installation which included flues etc and change of boiler location. We were offered credit for this because we had no money. He tried a few lenders but we were rejected because my husband was disabled with income from a pension and benefits.
  10. Thank you so much for the help. Defence is submitted. What usually happens now?
  11. Hi there just rang Capital One and they have told me on the phone that the last payment i made to them was 30th January 2008.
  12. What is next in the process? Do i need to respond to their letter? I will ring Capital One and see if they can tell me the last payment date.
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