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  1. Illegal EM technology use by collection agencies ======================================== USE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION TO SPY and HARASS (Cant post links yet but will soon ... See websites/links for details on the possible technology being used) ============================================ Websites and links: - Use infrared and microwave image mapping and spectral reconstruction to invade privacy ... entire home mapped and monitored - Monitoring is 24/7 and includes all family - EM brain monitoring device which stores brain activity patterns and uses them to selectively manipulate (see links at bottom) - Most likely remote EEG >> has subvocalization recognition capabilities (mind reading) - Mobile - can be used from a car - Software with the antenna system which is used to select from a list of options of torture/intimidation tactics - Use EM radiation to induce unpleasant sensations and pain (see links for the full list) - Induce emotional states - Torture pets/animals in neighborhood - Flipping MOSFET on adaptor power supplies and damaging wires connects - Aggressive drive-by and cutting up in traffic - Power cuts/fluctuations - EM microwave burns - EM manipulating of heartbeats/dreams/limb dexterity etc - Jamming Internet and cell phone calls - EM suppressing brain activity - EM enhancing waves at time of stimulus to accelerate memorization (or enhance association) - Operating during sleep cycles to manipulate subject's memories - Manipulating motor behavior - Illegal hacking of electronic devices - Bug and stalk/spy on online activity - Read all emails/texts - Spy on other electronic devices / power cords =============================================
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