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  1. You should really contact Currys first, they are responsible although they will likely just fob you off, it's what they do when they have your money.


    I did go to Currys, they were not interested and said go to Fujifilm ! I am now stuck with a faulty camera. I have seen a facebook page talking about the lens control error.


    It's here for any one who wants to see it.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fujifilm-XF1-Lens-Control-Error/815136471898105?fref=ts

  2. I tried but he was too quick getting back into his car, the picture was too blurred to be used. The mobile phone camera always takes a moment in order to focus and he kept moving so picture was unusable.

    I was also in two minds about whether it was legal to take a picture of someone without their permission.


    No it is not, even though most people think it may be so. Provided the person is in a public place, you are free to take anyones photo. I think I may have been tempted to get a copy of his DNA, by punching him on the nose. (Only joking) Hope you manage to get things sorted, even though things do not look too good .

  3. I bought the Fujifilm XF1 from Currys, and I only had it one year when it failed. It started to show the Lens Control Error, and it will no longer work! I contacted fujifilm who in turn did not want to know. Fujifilm knew about the fault for a while, but they fail to listen to its customers.

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