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  1. I did go to Currys, they were not interested and said go to Fujifilm ! I am now stuck with a faulty camera. I have seen a facebook page talking about the lens control error. It's here for any one who wants to see it.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fujifilm-XF1-Lens-Control-Error/815136471898105?fref=ts
  2. No it is not, even though most people think it may be so. Provided the person is in a public place, you are free to take anyones photo. I think I may have been tempted to get a copy of his DNA, by punching him on the nose. (Only joking) Hope you manage to get things sorted, even though things do not look too good .
  3. Are we going to get to know how the DVLA got to know about your eyesight? Or did you tell them you had difficulty seeing?
  4. It really is annoying when people drive around without insurance! I would have been tempted to get a photo of the guy himself. But there again, you were not to know he had no insurance.
  5. I had problems with Barclays myself, I complained like mad but I never got anywhere. Just make sure you keep all your statements etc, you just might need bo prove what you have, and have not bought.
  6. Thats well out of order, hope you get it sorted out soon. I really do hate it, when people don't honour a deal.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I am still finding my way round. It will take some time to get used to it all.
  8. Hope he gets another job soon, used to work in not a nice place myself. Could not wait to leave.
  9. Most deffo No, I left my job a while ago as I hated it. I did enquire about benefits to tide me over, just till I got a new job. I was told I made myself unemployed and as such not entitled to any benefits what so ever. I got a job pretty quick, I had to as I had no money coming in. Get another job lined up, before he quits his current job.
  10. Thats why I thought I should also say hello first also. lol
  11. Just signed up and thought I would say hi to everyone. Not seen this forum before but it looks good.
  12. I bought the Fujifilm XF1 from Currys, and I only had it one year when it failed. It started to show the Lens Control Error, and it will no longer work! I contacted fujifilm who in turn did not want to know. Fujifilm knew about the fault for a while, but they fail to listen to its customers.
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