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  1. Is that easy to do without an original account number? Do I send the SAR to Nolans or Cabot or Vanquis? Nolans have specified that all communications should be made via their office.
  2. It is a small claims summons I have received. I will send a CCA request tomorrow morning. If they fail to reply within the 12+2 days what is the next course of action for me? How does this affect my court papers return date of 8th June? Does the fact that Ive been repaying them since September not mean Ive admitted my liability for the debt? Do I send the CCA request to Nolans or Cabot Financial? Ive only ever had correspondence from Nolans. I dont have any record of any original account numbers I have just had a quick look on Noddle. Its occured to me that this debt m
  3. Its a Scottish claimform. Im repaying the other debts because I have no reason to challenge them. I know they are valid debts that I owe. My main issue at present is what is likely to happen with this court summons. The facts are:- I arranged a DMP via Standing Order with Nolans to pay off the credit card debt that was sold to Cabot. Nolans sent me a letter in Feb 2015 that stated that I had not returned a Statement of Affairs that they had sent recently, which I never received. A blank SOA was attached to this "reminder letter" I sent an updated SOA to them which I h
  4. Hi, Im new to the forum and was hoping someone could give me some pointers. Today I received a Court Summons relating to old Vanquis card debt that was sold on to Cabot Financial. The original agreement was taken out in 2006. In August 2014 I received a letter from Nolans (Kirkintilloch) relating to an unpaid debt of £1800. Between 2009 and 2013 I had only worked for 6 months, hence the inability to pay creditors such as Vanquis. I acknowledged the debt and proceeded in paying Nolans via Standing Order on 9th Sept 2014. I have not missed any payments to date. In
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