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  1. I am after some more help I'm afraid. I have been paying them for about 18 months and have paid around £450. The bailiffs told me they had paid the creditor £200 but I have found out from them that they only received £100 in may this year. I understood there were rules about how payments had to be "divied up" can anyone clarify what they are?
  2. It has now been confirmed that the writ has expired (and they were just lying before) what should I do next?thank you for all your help
  3. Thank you, is there anywhere I can look this up to prove it to them as they just say I've been misinformed?
  4. I asked that exact question and was told it applied to all outstanding writs even those issued prior to the new rules
  5. HI, I now have the writ number but the bailiffs say that it renews automatically every year as there is a payment plan in place. Is this correct?
  6. They appear quite dishonest in all they do. I'm sure they could worth ethically and still get results
  7. I sent them a copy of the writ and asked if it was still valid. Then I replied explaining I am the defendant and asking if it is still valid and they replied with writs are usually valid for 12 months but can be extended before they expire. Speak to CAB
  8. Well, I emailed them, they have replied and said "please contact the county court where you made your claim"MY claim??? Now what?
  9. Surely the court would know this? It's all under the same case number. The cert says including any interest, it does not say including any enforcement charges
  10. The HCEOs don't appear to be the most honest people, as far as I can see, so I can just imagine how that conversation is going to go:ME: Is the writ still valid?HCEO: No, it has expired, please don't pay us any more moneyI made a payment direct into the creditors bank account, sent the proof to the court and I have the certificate of satisfaction
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