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  1. I will, thanks for your advice and support, it means a lot.
  2. Thanks Boo That is a relief, I will respond to them today, I even sent them a copy of the original letter accompanying the POA stating it had been registered with the reference no but it wasn't good enough.
  3. Thank you honeybee that certainly helps. Copy POA's have been sufficient for all other bodies needing to see it, but for some reason the Banks wont accept copies even though you can see the validation at the bottom of each page.
  4. Hi I have found myself with a new problem. My Mother who is 82 years old went into residential care with advanced Dementia 6 weeks ago. I was her registered Carer, I helped with her finances but when she went into care I could no longer afford the minimum payments on her credit card. I notified the Co-operative Bank explaining the situation, sent a copy of the Mental Health form completed by her GP and a copy of the Power of Attorney. The Co-op are now requesting I take an original certified copy of the POA into a Branch, the nearest being in another town, before they can spe
  5. Cheers dx thought as much, you work very hard , enjoy the nice weather. Think I can handle it from here and I appreciate all your help and support from CAG. It empowers us to stay strong and fight the them Will donate! Wine o clock time All the best x
  6. Hi, it's been a while I am now passed my sell by date (Statute Barred) including 1 month after last payment. Can I relax now ? Someone told me they can obtain a claim form and have 6 months to serve them. I received a letter in May advising they would continue to pursue debt , but have not received letter before action.
  7. Thank you Just wanted to clarify, much appreciated.
  8. Hi dx "As post 57" Wasn't going to send SB, just wondered if a CCA request would still be necessary?
  9. I agree with you, these "legalised crooks" shouldn't be allowed to become millionaires in this manner. I am not telling them it's SB until I get the notice before claim form and I still need to buy time for my other one.
  10. Happy New Year One of my cards is now over 6 years and a month since last payment and I am ignoring all correspondence from Cabot. I was thinking of sending a CCA request when I feel cornered, would there be any point now in asking for a CCA for the Stat Barred one? Many Thanks
  11. Thanks dx, will follow your advice this time, though it's not always easy. I got a reply to say it's on hold for 3 weeks to contact them and arrange a plan, then is being passed back to collections. So will ignore until a claim form.
  12. ok I get I'm stupid, but how telling them the debt was in dispute before it was sold and I do not acknowledge any debt to them admitting it? I am confused, Can I send the SB letter if they contact me again?
  13. yep argh! Haven't made any payments in over six years
  14. Hi, All has been quiet for a while and I am preparing for SB. Rightly or wrongly in a moment of panic I replied to Cabot's correspondence advising I believed the credit agreement was legally unenforceable, the account was in an unresolved dispute with RBS before it was sold and consequently I did not acknowledge any debt to their company. I need to ask a silly question, what defines "acknowledging" the debt? Does the fact I have talked about it mean I have acknowledged it? Though I have never admitted I owe the money. Many Thanks G
  15. yeah, probably working on 10th Jan 2017 for SB? don't want to appear an idiot, make a fool of myself and come home with a CCJ. Before that date my defence would be incorrect paperwork, so am gearing myself up now. Thank you
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