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  1. But just clarify, please, is it not true that with a season ticket holder can go beyond their zone provided you pay the difference? (ie, touch in and out?) I did have money on my oyster to cover the journey cost, which I told the officer.
  2. thanks very much. I will wait for the letter and ask for help then, it doesn't matter what I think of the law
  3. Hi BazzaS, thanks so much for your advice, I will wait to see what comes in the mail and I will then ask again for advice. Sometimes we make stupid decisions and I really regret it but having a criminal record seems way out of proportion. I really hope they accept not to prosecute, I am an EU citizen but this is just horrible, getting a criminal record
  4. Hi, I have an annual season ticket zone 1-2. I recently moved to Catford and yesterday I was stopped by an inspector. I produced my ticket but this is zone 3. He then asked me where I was travelling from and where I lived. I have money on my oyster to pay for the difference. But then he asked me where I had travelled from in the morning. I said I had forgotten to tap in the morning as I was running for the train. He then cautioned me. I have been living in England for a few years but I don't understand what that means exactly? Seems this a legal term with consequences... He did not identify himself, I asked him if he would not fine me for the journey. He said he was cautioning me and reporting me to the company: First Capital Connect. He asked if I understood that I was free not to answer but that not answering would be taken the wrong way in a court of law. I was totally surprised and mesmerised. Should I not get a fine, a penalty? He asked for the details and was trying to check if my details were correct of where I lived although it seems he wasn't able to check He was asking if someone else lived with me? What does that matter? What is a caution exactly? Can they still opt for a penalty or will I more likely get prosecuted? Shouldn't there be some more precise information being given? I asked what was going to happen and what this meant and he said "the company will decide" Surely this is not the correct way? I was travelling on my own so I have no witnesses. I did admit to not having tapped in in the morning but he was just assuming I wouldn't pay. Shouldn't there be some good will? Can they check past journeys to make a case against me? Thanks for any help and comments PSF
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