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  1. So here's an interesting one. I worked in a small business (not as a director) . I organised for them broadband, at the business address, supplied by the nice "be unlimited" people. I never signed anything (let alone any kind of credit agreement), and the bills (direct debit) will have been paid out of the company's bank account. Some time later, company gets bought. New company takes over everything. Meanwhile "Be Direct" gets bought out by (ack, spit) Sky. What I suspect happens late last year is the new owners, somewhat incompetently, close the old business account, and DD payments start to fail. Looking at my archives, I see a single email (to my business email) from Sky to "avoid suspension of your service" - and then - nothing. But I've no real idea as I have no visibility of how it was ever paid for. Late last year I start getting texts and emails from 'pastduecredit' - that I totally ignore since there's no information about what they want (I figure - if it's important, you put a stamp on it and post it to me). I have no idea if it's related to the threatening email I've had today from BPO, on behalf of Sky for..... £20. I frankly find the whole approach pretty rude. Other companies seem to be able to send email or post to request payment, and I'd simply pass it on in the company and they'd pay it. I've heard nothing, save this sudden "pay up or else we'll recommend further action or a field visit" bullying. I'm minded to ignore them until they can find a stamp? I'm certainly happy to spend my own money to bleed these beggars on 'due process' (e.g: please prove it, I'll only talk to you by post, etc) just on a point of principle. Any danger in that?
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