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  1. Hi Steampowered, Sorry I am not sure... do you mean to use the first longer paragraph or the short second one? Thanks again
  2. ...I forgot one more question.... in the letter to the Court Manager, is it correct to discuss the £50 offer? The paragraph I have written say ... " I have written a response to Customer Services Team Leader under separate cover to her letter dated 6th September 2016. I thanked Customer Services Team Leader for the goodwill gesture of £50. I am writing to inform you that I accept the £50 as a partial payment without prejudice but I intend to escalate the proceedings further with my complaint for the full amount originally requested. I feel £50 is financially inadequate and does
  3. Thank you steampowered. The letter from customer services team leader says that in order to accept the £50 goodwill gesture, I have to "let her know in writing and I will contact our finance team. " So, I do have to send her a letter. Can I make a final check with you...is the wording of my letters to both ok to send or is there anything you would change / amend? Apologies for asking, but as there have been so may problems at the court, I want to make sure the wording on my letters is ok.
  4. Hi Steampowered, Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. It is too late to appeal and that would have cost more money and to be honest, the judge wasn't impartial. I have posted on the forum a reply and copy of the court letter. Would appreciate your advice on whether to send both letters or just deal with customer services first and see what they say? Thank you for your reply. I was sending two letters - one to the court customer services person who offered the £50 goodwill gesture and the other, to escalate the matter to the court manager. I am unsure whether the wordin
  5. Hi, I have drafted replies to the court complaint response and would be grateful and appreciate review and/or advice before I post it. What is really concerning me is in the reply to my complaint letter from Bow County Court the following statements: "I am unable to explain why the documents you filed were not on file for the hearing." "All the documents you referred to in your complaint letter have been logged onto our electronic file as being received by the court." " I have located your particulars of claim on the court file although these appear to have no date sta
  6. ....I have one further question as there was a discrepancy I was querying int he judge's closing statements... can I request a copy of the transcript for the judges statements in deciding the case?
  7. Hi, I have finally receive the judgement for my case. However, it doesn't say the name of the judge. The previous paperwork states two other different judges. Should the paperwork state this or do I need to contact the court to find this out for my complaint letter?
  8. Hi, I have finally received a response from Bow County Court to my complaint letter. They have apologised but still not found the Exhibit Bundle and offered me £50 compensation. I want to escalate the matter further and noticed that the letter is titled "Without Predjudice" . Do I simply send a reply and say " I do not accept your offer and wish the mater to be escalated." ? Is there anything particularly I need to mention at this stage, which has a legal implication? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Hi, I am really struggling to make the complaint letter about the judge. I have attached a draft of the letter which I would appreciate advice on. The first few pages are the guidelines I have pasted from the relevant website about guidelines for complaints. I have then tried to write the letter, but it seems not quite correct and I am finding it difficult to edit to achieve the best outcome and response. Can anyone have a look and give their opinion please? Draft Judge Complaint Letter.doc
  10. Thank you ericsborther. I think it's because I felt the court case went badly with Bow CC losing all my paperwork, the judge and not having received the judgement or a response to my complaint about Bow yet. If I have to deal with Bow again, I want to be fully prepared what 'should' happen. Many thanks again.
  11. Hi steampowered, I will go back and look at the HCEOs again and compare to the county court for the best option. Many thanks.
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