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  1. Thank you! We did try the Ombudsman and he supported AXA despite saying that he had not adjudicated on the base-units or floor! He totally misunderstood our briefing and commented upon matters that were not relevant such as my wife's health, which we had not raised. He ignored modus ponens.
  2. Thank you, but we had assumed that we would need to go to other contractors used by AXA to cover all avenues of our enquiry. We know exactly to whom we should address the enquiry. The policy was bought from AXA. It has completed the works but denies who dug up the floor and that the base-units were damaged despite its not having inspected.
  3. Thank you, Bazooka Boo! I'll give it a go and let you know the result.
  4. What is a "Subject access request" please? I am in a prolonged claim with AXA regarding a leakage of water in our kitchen that resulted in having to completely rebuild it. AXA did no inspections of base-units yet claim they were not damaged. We have evidence. I would like AXA to pay for all the replacement cost but they will not. Also, AXA dug up the kitchen floor to aid its drying out. AXA claims that its contractor did not do the work despite my evidence that it was its contractor. Will a "Subject access request" get the information out of the company that
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