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  1. agreed i searched for ages and although i dont win anymore with tombolla at least you get what you do win good luck in future games
  2. Give up honestly save your time, i went to citizens advice about it all and the short of it is what ever they say gos i have avoided every cassava site since and still makes me angry i won £700 and with all there small print when you agree its impossible to get your winnings when they decide not to pay out sorry
  3. Solicitor said if it comes when I'm due to Wed or be on honeymoon I have to cancel it
  4. Yes it is all linked thanks for that getting really concerned
  5. im trying to start a new post but cant work out how what im asking is im still awaiting a response from this benefit fraud investigation, i was told if i get a date and its on my wedding day /honeymoon i have to cancell the day/honeymoon would wedding insurance cover something like that as allt he sites i have asked are very vague with no straight answers :(
  6. Wish i read this last night i may have slept a bit will let you all know the outcome as may help someone else in a similar situation thanks you all really has helped not feel so alone and believe me i will be double cheaking everything in future
  7. Oh I see, can't think straight now I can't read, :/
  8. Did I.... Sorry? Never meant to! Think it's my phone
  9. Good point yes that's ok then, I need to stop googling I don't think it helps as like it's been said it's different for everyone
  10. Oh gosh ofcourse what I meant what if I'm away and a letter comes and I miss it
  11. I am already asking for legal advise from a solicitor, I guess I'm in need of them to keep me a little hopefull,as I'm making myself I'll and causing heartache to my fiance
  12. I understand that's why I'm here, but I always think of the worst case as that way things can only get better I mean if it says I need to go to court, how long does it take?, what if I am on honeymoon and miss it!
  13. I agree and everything's felt with now I just want to know if I'm going to prison as need to sort my babies out I'm so grateful to be able to discuss this and one thing for sure I will always seek advise like you said
  14. thanks for the advise i have stopped all my benefit as my fiance is working we have had to claim wtc but theres a new claim started for the 10th of may (when he moved in ) as soon as i have his wage details i never want to claim anything where i can forget or miss anything its going to be hard but me and my fiance are going to pay back everything im not entitled to and not claim any HB or CTB i have been told that i should hear before my wedding im just deverstated if i get sentanced and cant get married you advise is/has been appreciated
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