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  1. Hello! Wondering if anyone can help. We have just moved out of a flat. The flat is in a converted house with two other flats. There is a communal hallway which serves each of these. The landlord has not made any deductions relating to our flat. However, there is what looks like an oil stain on the stairs of the communal hallway. She claims that we are responsible because my partner owns a bike. The carpet is extremely old - probably 20-25 years old and in very bad condition. It is extensively stained and damaged. The landlord is requesting that we pay for the recarpteing of the communal
  2. Thank you. There are severl: Payday Express, Wage Day Advance and 24/7 Moneybox. So, just to clarify, i should pay everything and then try and reclaim?
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, and I wondered if anyone could help. I have been in a DMP for about 4 years, after making a total mess of my finances with Payday Loans. I was reviewing the remaining creditor amounts this morning, and I wondered if I am being stupid by paying all the interest and charges that the Payday loan companies levied on my initial loan amount when I defaulted. It may be that I should suck it up – it was a mess of my own making after all. But I thought I would check what people with more knowledge than me thought.
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