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  1. yes we moved to a new city 40 miles away because of work so cannot use they gym . We joined in november i think. yes i beleive there was a 12 month agreement but says in the contract if you move it can be cancelled I called the gym on several occasions , no reply so i emailed them in feb then again finally on the 1 may still no reply. Ive been into the gym and just been fogged off saying email the head office. which was [ thank you for trying to help
  2. Im having such a nightmare trying to cancel my and my wife's Exsersize4less membership. all i get is threatening letters and messages and when i try calling the head office no one answers ..ever ,i even tried the managers number but no answer. ive sent a copy of my wifes contract to show we have moved city as this is why we have to cancel but noone gets back to me. it is now starting to effect my health as stress is getting too much. I need this gym and stress out of my life.
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