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  1. Hi Everyone I have finally had a reply from Currys... Having looked into this for you, I can confirm the information you were given regarding the amount of visits you can have and the fact you would need to contact your home insurance was incorrect. Please accept my apologies for this mis-communication. However due to colleague confidentiality this will be an internal investigation and you would not receive an outcome to this complaint Does anybody know if this is true? And is this what they always say about complaints? or are they just trying to end my complaint without i
  2. Hi Everyone, an update on what has happened... I emailed Mastercare on Sunday using the email on my policy and have heard nothing from them. I then emailed knowhow on Tuesday using the email address on my renewal letter and had a auto reply saying they will get back to me in 5 days. I called Mastercare yesterday evening asking for an update on the parts and for a date for them to fix my machine before i can ask for a replacement product as per the terms of my policy. They said that there was no date on when the parts would arrive and they could not give me a date when I could ask fo
  3. Hi and thanks for the reply, I have been into Currys today and they could not have been more unhelpful. The would not look into the problem, they would not ring them for me, they would not look into a new policy of customers being told to claim on home insurance, they would not look into a new policy of two visits only per problem, they would not find out how long Mastercare have to fix the problem and they would not look at my policy to see is I have missed anything to clear the matter up. They just kept saying I need to speak to mastercare as the sale was so long ago. I said yester
  4. Hi Everybody, Not sure this is the correct place for this but as I bought the item from Curry's I thought it was the best place. I am after some advice regarding a washer/dryer that is protected by a 12 month Mastercare support agreement. The washer dryer is 8 years old but we have always been protected by Mastercare and they have always fixed the problem throughout the years. However a few weeks ago we had a the common problem of the dryer not getting hot and requested an engineer to come out and clean the condenser. If this was an easy job I would have done it myself, but it
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about paying and moving on. But I like the idea of complaining to my local councilor about this. She has been to my house a couple of times in the last 8 months because of the by-election and then the general election and she seemed eager to help with any issues i had. So I may still pay but bring to her attention the problem and ask her to look into this because I agree that there is a discrimination angle on this.
  6. Hi Everyone I have finally had my reply... I have received your recent Challenge to the above Penalty Charge Notice and after careful consideration of the circumstances have found no grounds for the cancellation of the charge. The Penalty Charge Notice was issued correctly. The vehicle was parked on the footpath behind a double yellow line restriction. This means that the road is subject to parking/waiting restrictions which are enforceable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A yellow line restriction is enforceable from the centre of the road to the highway boundary or property l
  7. Hi and thanks for the replies from what you all say it is not a hardware problem. PC World say it will not be Mcafee but as they sold it as part of a bundle that came with the laptop, I would not expect them to say anything else. I think I will remove and replace Mcafee. Glary Utilities looks a good option so thanks for that Thanks again for all the good advice
  8. Thanks for the reply dx It is the same with the wired Ethernet cable and other laptops are working fine so i do not think it can be a problem with the modem/wifi. It is taking that long that i think I will have the old "Dial Up" sound playing in the background and pretend it 2001:lol:
  9. Thanks for the reply I have the knowhow cover who tried and failed to fix the problem. It was them who advised taking it into store. I will try knowhow again before taking it back into store for them to look at it again. It is not the most expensive laptop and was not bought to be used to carry out loads of things at the same time and all I am really trying to do is surf the web quicker than 15 mins per webpage I do hope it is a problem with the settings that can be easily solved but the knowhow team could not find it and 5 visits to the PC World experts have also failed to fin
  10. I have been into PC World again and they want want me to take the laptop in for a 6th time as it is still taking between 10 - 15 mins to connect to a web page. They have said that it is not a hardware problem but they will take another look. As a few members have pointed out, it may well be Mcafee causing the problems but as that is the only software I have put on the laptop and as I bought the laptop as a package that included mcafee, are they in any way responsible for this? Or should I be thankful it is not hardware and try myself to figure out what is causing my problems? Thanks
  11. Thanks Andy and UB67 for the advice I will remove Mcafee and see it that makes a difference to the speed. Does this mean that all of the possible problems need to be ruled out before a replacement can be asked for? Should the Tech guys at PC World not mentioned this to me and should they not have already looked into this possibility during one of the five times they tried to fix it for me. Thanks again for the advice, It is much appreciated
  12. Hi Everyone and thanks for the replies. The answers are... It is windows 8.1 I use internet explorer browser and Opera Browser and both are the same I have Mcafee total protection( This also takes a very long time to do a scan and updates also take a long time) I have tested it on other internet connections and it is still slow PC World must have tested it on their internet connection The only thing I have put on the laptop is Mcafee Total Protection Not tried any games so I do not know about that I would like to think that after looking into the problem 5 times the
  13. Hi and thanks for the quick reply PC World told me they did a factory reset on the last three times they tried to fix the fault. I did mention the sale and supply of goods act when I picked it up for the fifth time. It was then that I was told that it really was not their problem
  14. Hi Everyone I am after some advice regarding a laptop bought 26/1/15 A few weeks after I bought the laptop it began to be very slow at loading pages. I rang Rang Knowhow Customer Service Team who tried to help but as they were unable to help me they said to take it back to the store for them to take a look. I did this and when they gave it back to me it was exactly the same so I took it back a second time for them to investigate. When it came back it was exactly the same so it went back a third time. When i got it back it was even slower and was taking 6 o
  15. Just a quick update... As i have never had a ticket before and because it has been 3 weeks since i sent in my appeal I have asked how long they think it will take. At the moment they have so many appeals to look at that they think it will take 14 weeks from the day the appeal was sent in. So it will be a while before I hear from them
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