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  1. dvla emailed me telling me that my licence was revoked because my eyesight was not up to standard but if i had evidence to disproof this would i send it to them for their assesment this i did they know tell me even if they find my evidence to be correct i still must reaply by forms for my licence to be reinstated does mean another eight weeks wait this has gone on from 8-01-2015 how much longer
  2. i told dlva that i had 22% loss of sight in right eye but thought it best to not lie . i did pass my driving test with this eye condition
  3. sorry yes my optician has given me a letter saying that with the results of my eyesight they can find no reason mr ----- woould not meet the currant driving visual requirements this has been faxed to the dlva medical group i hold my breath on the results
  4. in reply to your question they had my opticians eyesight test results and still refused to reinstate my licence so you can imagen my mind blowing proplem
  5. the dlva offices are now all closed but inquiring about this i was put through to a lady from the the medical group ask me what was wrong i explained that her department had revoked my licence even though my optician has sent them a eyesight test showing that my eyesight was good enough she then ask me to get my optician to send his readings and would look into it this i already had a letter from my optician and so faxed it over and i am now waiting for the results
  6. licence revoked by dlva saying eyesight no good but optician says eyesight ok any body had this proplem:mad2:
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