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  1. Are early redemption fees are claimable ? Just we had a secured loan for 18,000 then needed to borrow more so got a 36,000 secured loan and was charged exit fees and it was the same company (ge) this was about 8 years ago . Both loans were through a broker and I have the paperwork .
  2. Just read this and am wondering if I'm right in thinking early redemption fees are claimable ? Just we had a secured loan for 18,000 then needed to borrow more so got a 36,000 secured loan and was charged exit fees and it was the same company (ge) this was about 8 years ago .
  3. Oh I am really pleased I need to sort out the relevant details and see what if anything I can do about the ccj
  4. Had a letter off the courts today bailiffs order suspended and am allowed to pay 10 pounds a month . Thanks for the advice .
  5. No never was asked about a lump sum ? I was enquiring about the tax we pay and with all this pension changes it got me thinking we're we offered it the letter of this year says no but the letter from years ago seems to say we were offered something ? Is it usual not to be offered a tax free lump sum when medically retired then?
  6. thanks for the reply. Yes pru didnt buy him back into the pension scheme and added to the plan to put us back in the position we would have been in . He was 36 as the pension got backdated until 1994 when he was medically retired from work. The Letter we recieved at the time siad this I am pleased to say we have now finalised our enquiries and calculations and are in a position to give further clarification to the offer of redress which you have already accepted. The terms of this guarentee state that the benefits payable under this personal pension will not be lower in value than the benefits which would have been available from your employers OPS. I arriving at our assesment we have operated under our fair dealing policy and assumed you would have been granted early retirement ill healthpension effective from 5th march1994when your employment ceased. Accordingly the pension is based from 1994 We will pay you an immediate tax free lump sum of £61.271 This represents the difference between a tax free cashe sum available from your employers pension scheme and that available from the personal pension together with the arrears of pension due to you since 5th march 1994 and interest. We will pay you an additional pension of £6,827.16 Which will increase by 3% per annum compound and will be paid monthly. A spouses pension equal to 50% of the value of this pension will be paid should you predecease you wife. We got the letter last week saying no tax free lump sum was taken? yet this letter says slightly different . At the time we were so pleased to have gotten the pension we never questioned anything . also we werent very knowlegeable on such matter either .
  7. Ok sorry he had a pru pension which was missold as the firm he worked for had a much better scheme and apparently he should have been in that . But got that sorted so now get a pension from the pru that would have matched what his employer would have given him . Does that make it any clearer ?
  8. All was sent I phoned the court and they received it said the matter would take a couple of weeks. They would let the bailiffs office know . Hopefully they will accept the offer
  9. In 1994 my oh was medically retired from work . At the time he had a private pension which had been miss old to him as he had worked in a factory which had a private pension scheme . In 2000 we contested this and won and he was just wrote a few letters really anyhow he got his pension and all was backdated. These new pension reforms had got me thinking and I was sure he was never offered a tax free lump sum and the paperwork is in the least vague . We asked them to send us the pension pot fund figure as we never had it (195,225.88) so not small ! And it confirmed that we never took a tax free lump sum . We were never offered it! What I am wondering is should we have been we do get a good pension but pay tax on it and had we took the lump sum would we have been better off? I would be grateful if anyone had any advice
  10. sorry to be a pain but do i put in a covering letter explaining what i have done and why i have not paid what they asked or does the form i am sending cover it?
  11. i ticked both boxes suspension of warrant and reduction in installment order.Suppose i will have to get a postal order .wonder why they dont do card payments ?
  12. Hi I've downloaded the form and filled it in am going to have to post first class signed tomorrow . Will I be able to ring them on Wednesday to discuss the matter ? Also how will I pay ? Got a debit card but no cheque book? I am just wanting to confirm I only pay the £50 and not the £175 the court letter said ?
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