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  1. Hi all, Finally have an agreement with company to pay monthly from this month end taking up-to 9 months. They have a clause which states that they will review my position every month in order to settle earlier if my financial situation improves. I.E get a job. Again thx all, for your contribution, Im going to stick with the plan in place. Regards P
  2. Thx, Will update forum on progress and outcome Regards P
  3. Thank you all for your advise and support; Yes, I will get in touch with them and discuss a payment plan. My concern is about them asking for full payment within 5 days, well 3 days now since the letter. Im sure that was a standard threat, they must be reasonable too an understand that I can't afford to pay the amount which is nearly £2k in one go.... Appreciate everyones input. Thanks P
  4. Hi Please help, I worked for a company for 4 years. We parted company as they wanted to downgrade my position without any reason or reviews taken place. After i left, in February 2015; I then received my regular salary on following month March. They are now (May) demanding I pay back all the sum within 5 days or face court action. I have been home all this time and not found a job, nor on benefit. I have used the money to pay for my living. I don't dispute the over-payment... What options do I have? Id like to pay back when I get a job on a monthly basis, I don't want a CCJ. please advise. Thanks.
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