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  1. fazzer, I would get your own independent upholsterers report, ours was a local guy who never charged for 2 reports, do a report with pics on. We used credit cards but they declined to help us, so your not really covered by them really, its their own credit people so not sure if they would help. Send a letter stating you have had no resolution and you have seeked legal advice and will will taking them to court in this matter, along with the report and pics this should help. It has taken us 4 months to to a resolution, you just need NOT to give up, there is the sales of goods act, and they are also contravening UNFAIR TERMS IN CONSUMER CONTRACTS REGULATIONS.
  2. Just an update for you all, kept on at them with pics and another independent upholsterer report, and told them that my solicitor had told me no emails it had to be in official letter from them etc. The name I dealt with was Natalie Hammond at sofaworks, very rude and no idea of customer service. We had a call yesterday to go an re select another suite, which we have done, we got another 5 years platinum leather protection, and got it in writing that if we have the same problems as before we will be getting a refund. We are now waiting for a delivery date, please keep going at them, threaten with SCC, etc
  3. Just an update on ours, Got the report after paying £10, states no fault!, but does say customer unhappy and will go further if nothing is done, more about how we feel than the suite. Got a local company to come and do a independant report, as soon as he walked into the living room stated filling no correct and faulty, Sent a letter to SW giving them 14 days or we shall be taking it to SCC and we have a independant report, Email from SW yesterday afternoon asking for a copy of the report, email sent back saying of course but will cost you £10. Then another email from a different customer service person, saying that we dont have to send them the report, but they can not help if they dont see our report, lol. Email sent back asking for no more emails. but please send official letters so we have paperwork for SCC. Looks like its off to SCC. do they go to court? or see how far you will take it? |Thanks
  4. Happyhill, we feel the same, its a lot of money to spend then they dump you when you have a fault. We will be going to the SCC once we have all the reports in place
  5. I am waiting for a copy of my report from SW before informing them that I will be going to SCC, I have got a local upholsterer to visit and do the independant report, straight away he said it was not filled correctly. thanks
  6. Morning all. Just to let you know some more info ref our suite. My mother bought us this suite on her credit cards, she has contacted her CC, for them to say we can not do a charge back due to she bought the suite as a present to us, therefore the suite does not now belong to her, so no chargeback!!. So we now have to wait for their inspectors report to come. I am going to Citz advice some time this week to get some advice. Do I have to go through the obudsman first or can I go straight to the small claims court Many thanks
  7. yes informed our cc about a chargeback, just doing a letter to send to them with the details, Will send the £10 and get the report sent to us as well. I have got a independant inspection done this morning, he said its under filled and will be doing the report ASAP for us. thank you for your help everyone
  8. Just an update. Sofaworks has told me that I need to pay £10 to have a copy of the service managers report!. Can they do this? TIA
  9. hello, yes a technician has inspected the 2 seater, we rang up today as no one had been in contact since the visit, (25th April), to be told that they did not send the report to us as in his opinion there is nothing wrong with it. We have email the CEO and got a call back, but they are sticking with its ok. The fault is there is not enough filling in the back cushion, (leather 2 seater) and it does not fill the edges, been told since we got the 3 2 1 suite (13th Jan 2015) to dress it every day, but what they mean is beat the hell out of it, this is not what we expect from a new suite. Many thanks
  10. Hello, we are having trouble getting a refund for faulty 2 seater, do you recommend to go though the ombudsmen first before trying the chargeback route with out CC providers Many thanks
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