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  1. Hi Guys (Dx!), Just to keep you all in the loop regarding the final stages of my settlement. I received an Email from FOS today which I've cut-and-paste below. I'm not entirely sure how to interpret what this will mean in terms of the monetary value of my claim. If anyone (Dx?...) can enlighten me I'd be grateful. The Email: 'Mr XXXXX I thought you’d want to know that I emailed RBS before Christmas to let them know by error I’d not included an obligation on them to pay you £630 plus 8% simple interest on that amount. When a customer overpays or doesn’t have use o
  2. They can be efficient when they want to be (and nice). The response from the FOS: 'Thanks very much for this prompt response. I’m attaching a settlement form for you to sign and return – I’m more than happy for you to scan it and email it back as that’ll probably be easier. I completely understand you’d want a letter from RBS confirming no further monies are due from you and they’ll make sure both Wescot and CapQuest cease any further action. I’ll make sure RBS do this. I did refer to this in the PD so they won’t be surprised. The rule is a bank has four weeks after they
  3. Dx, Dx.... I owe you so much for guiding me through this incredible journey. I quite simply could not have got this far without your wise words and occasional...'prompting' So - and it's my last question so please do entertain me - quite simply a straightforward 'I accept' and nothing more?
  4. OK Guys (Dx?), It looks like - after 18 months - it's final decision time. I've had a response from the Ombudsman following my Email as per above. Here it is: 'Mr XXXX I thought I’d let you know RBS emailed me to say they accept the outcome of the provisional decision and are happy to settle on that basis without asking me to complete a final decision. I know in our emails last Thursday you said you were looking for more than being offered in the provisional decision. I’ve reviewed the file again but overall think I’ve come to the right outcome based on the evidence. I kn
  5. Yep, agreed Dx, I think that sounds logical and, well - KISS I'll reply tmw using your suggested method and update as and when. Thanks as always Dx
  6. You never cease to confuse me Dx - '...accept the offer'??? If I accept as you suggest, I'm leaving no scope for negotiating obviously - You don't think I should?
  7. Hi Guys, Received an Email response from the FOS today. I've copy-and-paste it below: 'Mr Xxxxxx Thanks for your recent email following receipt of my provisional decision. Just to clarify – the gaps are about how this mess happened. I’m not expecting you to provide me with any additional information. I already have a hefty case file with lots of information you’ve given us. And based on what I’ve seen, I know what I think is a fair outcome. I’m just giving RBS a final opportunity to see whether they agree with me. I’ve not reviewed any aspect of a claim against RBS
  8. Ok Dx, you've got me this far - so I'm sticking with you... Email sent, word-for-word as you set it out. I expect I'll hear something back tomorrow - I will update then
  9. My problem is guys - do I accept it in the first instance? Shouldn't I at least attempt a haggle?
  10. Thanks Dx, that was pretty much where I was coming from. I may however add an extra point or two to the mail... Thanks as ever. I'll update as and when
  11. Sure do Dx. The Ombudsmans Assistant. That's who sent and signed off on the letter. What's your thoughts?
  12. Dx, The more I toy with this, the more convinced I'm becoming that I should go for it. If I were to do so, how would you advise I address it with FOS?
  13. I made mention of PPI in my very first letter to RBS, which subsequently was part of what then became the initial letter to FOS. That was over a year ago. Subsequent to that I have mentioned the notion of PPI - then the realisaion I had proof of PPI from the RBS SAR info - and repeatedly throughout Email correspondence. In short, yes, FOS are very aware - and it's well documented - that from the very outset I was initially curious as to whether PPI had ever been applied and latterly could actually, physically prove PPI had been applied. Yet they make no mention of it in todays l
  14. '....You or I would accept the present redress....' That's what I was looking for! So not a lot a point in debating negotiating you don 't think - take the offer and make a separate issue of the PPI? It all makes good sense, it's just that I have no idea how....'flexible' for want of a better expression, the FOS is / can be. The fact that I have in writing an admission of culpability from RBS in the eyes of the FOS just makes me want to flog that horse for every last penny. You guys have been with me on this journey - you must know where I'm coming from???
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