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  1. Hi again Just an update on my situation and further advice needed please. I have been ignoring the regular phone calls that credit corp have been making and occasional emails. However today I received an email from a "manager" at credit corp advising me that "Credit Corp are currently considering outsourcing your account to Stevensdrake Solicitors in West Sussex for commencement of legal recovery proceedings." I am now really worried and not sure how best to proceed. I can afford to pay a small nominal amount each month but am concerned that this will esca
  2. Thanks for the advice so far. I don't have any assets here in the UK, no savings just student loan debt and credit card. They rang me again this morning demanding I set up a payment plan. I have asked for no more phone calls and for everything to be put in writing. I just can't afford to pay this at the moment
  3. Hi there I am looking for some help/advice please I returned to the UK approx 18 months after living in Australia for 4 years in NSW. I had a couple of credit cards still owing when I left. I received a phone call from Credit Corp this morning chasing $7500 on one of the cards (ANZ credit card). They were really horrific to me on the phone demanding payment in full by Friday this week. I told them that I couldn't pay this and they eventually offered to set up a payment plan of £400 per month again which again I said I couldn't afford. The guy got very angry sa
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