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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by 'something's not sitting right here'. It's not unusual for people with mental health problems to neglect their finances. I'm a full time student and as far I'm aware, not liable for council tax. Thanks for the tip, I will make sure to get a letter of written authority.
  2. Is bankruptcy the only option? Despite my mum's willingness to work, her mental illness has prevented her from being in employment for several years now. So surely she is at present, and would not have been liable for (full) council tax during those years? Could the arrears be reduced on this basis? If anyone is aware, please advise me on whether this is the case. Also if it's of any use, my mum had deductions (I believe around £10 a week) taken from her benefits when she was previously claiming JSA. So I assume the council must have been aware that she did not have the means to pay the arrears? Sorry if I'm not making sense. I don't know whether they're still deducting from her ESA now. Thanks caro, I'll get in touch with National Debtline.
  3. I'm open to whatever solutions there are to this issue, however losing our home is obviously something I wish to avoid. Just asked my dad, he said it's both their names on the deeds. I don't know what implications that would have for bankruptcy.
  4. I'm afraid I'm not sure, I shall have to double check with my dad. It's either just my mum's name or both my parents names on the deeds. My mum also has pawnbroker and credit card debts
  5. Dx100uk: I'm don't think I can get hold of the letters. My mum tends to ignore and hide letters and is very secretive. I know her behaviour seems irrational but such is her illness Thanks for the suggestion ploddertom, I will try to get hold of my local councillor as soon as I can. I think I will have to contact the council for details as to Liability Orders and such rather than rely on my mum - assuming the council will be truthful? Also my mum owns our home technically, but my dad's paying the mortgage.
  6. I'm not aware how many liability orders, but thanks for your reply, I'll find out those things from the council. My mum did mention bailiff letters. She said the lady who delivered the letter threatening bankruptcy did not look like a 'typical bailiff', however she might be mistaken. I'm assuming that as the bailiffs haven't been able to access our property, the account has been handed back to the council. If there are any relevant template letters anyone can link to, please do.
  7. Hello, As the title reads, we have council tax arrears that have accumulated over several years. Last week we received a letter through the door threatening bankruptcy from the council. Some background info - I am a full time student. My mum is the one who is liable. She has severe mental health issues. She has not sought help and is not in contact with any mental health services / CGP etc. She is on Employment Support Allowance, which is paid sporadically - has not been paid for the last month or so. My parents are separated and my dad lives elsewhere. He pays the mortgage for our house. Please advise me on what steps I need to take. What info do I need to get from the council about the debt? Should I send a SAR? Or just offer to pay whatever my mum can afford? I understand that writing to the council and providing a letter from the GP explaining her illness and an account of her expenditure is probably best. I am unsure as to how to word the letter, and how to tell the council that I am writing on my mother's behalf. I am also unsure as to what amount to offer to pay, that is likely to be accepted. Is there anything else I should do / anyone else I should seek help from? Any help is much appreciated.
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