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  1. Sali - I have been put on the spot. I replied that there is no obligation to inform professionals if I am recording and that I would advise all professionals to assume they are being recorded.
  2. Hello, I posted here about a year ago. My Trust never got round to sending me a policy document on recording, covert or otherwise, so I have just proceeded to abide by the law. Thank you to people who responded to me. I am wondering if anyone knows whether the DPA exemption applies to other areas of the UK or if private recording is only permissible in England?
  3. Thank you very much for replying The complaints policy says 'Are known to have recorded meetings or face-to-face/telephone conversations without the prior knowledge and consent of other parties involved.' So, if there is disagreement during a complaint it becomes impossible to refer to recorded evidence of a consultation unless the consultation has been recorded openly....which isn't possible if staff won't allow that. I will try your suggestion of writing and asking for written policy on recording consultations and staff refusing to continue treatment if there is a recording
  4. Hello, Thank you for this very useful thread. I've read through the last 15 pages. I am considering recording covertly but would prefer to do so openly, however I've been told that my care co-ordinator would refuse to work with me if I recorded appointments and the mental health trust I use says it does not allow staff to be recorded. Covert recording is listed as a grounds for labelling someone a vexatious complainant (two grounds needed out of a long list) so I don't want to put myself in that position. So, I have two questions 1) Can anyone recommend a very, very discrete recor
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