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  1. Funny how when I called Barnet they didn't tell me about the London tribunal. The original PCN was for a traffic offence which I had no idea about so I filled out the relevant document and got it certified and sent to TEC. Will pay it when it comes in.
  2. I don't understand how you can be liable for a PCN when your car has seized by bailiff? I was not in control of the car. I'm not talking about the original PCN. This is a new PCN issued 13 mins after the car was unclamped.
  3. Been a while since I posted so here goes. A month back, my car got clamped for an unpaid PCN. The car was parked on a single yellow line overnight (legally) and restrictions only apply from 08:30 am. At 08:30 when I went to go to work, I saw the car clamped and made the relevant calls and dealt with it. I wasn't notified that the clamp had been removed (it was removed at 10am I have found out). When I returned to the car later to see the clamp removed there was a shiny new PCN on it for parking on a single yellow line during restricted hours. The PCN was given at 10
  4. I should add, that's how I understand things from past encounters, although things may have changed recently.
  5. It used to be that you can ignore these, but I'm not sure if the law has changed. Either way they will need to take you to court to enforce this as its a civil matter.
  6. It will be interesting to hear his opinion and advice on what to do next.
  7. I think the situation is actually worse than people realise. This sets us right back to bailiffs acting with complete impunity. Goods that you are paying to use and don't own will be held as randsom or worse sold leaving the debtor even more in debt. The complicated legal process afterwards will make it impossible for regular people to do anything about it.
  8. I really wish I had the funds to appeal the ruling. The hire purchase agreement is clearly hiring the goods with an optional final payment if you with to purchase the goods. Else you return them.
  9. I think they know how to claim it back of the bailiff. Their exact words were, that they would "make instant contact to have their goods returned." I presume they have their methods in place to do so.
  10. FYI. I Have spoken to BMWFS and they have made it clear that should a bailiff seize the goods, they will ask for them back straight way and would not allow EA to sell the vehicle. I am waiting to hear from them what they want to do further, but in the meantime I am making arrangements to pay the PCNs and remove this current problem.
  11. I see the reference you mean. I don't think I have anything else. These are actually the terms and conditions I got sent when I asked for a copy from BMWFS.
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