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  1. So you think I may have a chance even though they've sent the emails confirming what was agreed over the phone? I don't want to waste anyone's time but I really feel that this could help my daughters in the future
  2. Basically I nearly died, my daughter nearly died and now has chronic health problems and my other daughter is on medication for panic attacks, ptsd and anxiety as she witnessed the event. The company didn't help by not answering the phones and delaying us getting to the hospital. It took us over 4 hrs when it should've only been a 1 hr travel. The complaint was lodged via phone and the woman I spoke to was from the "directors office". She confirmed they were at fault and offered the full refund. I was so shocked they admitted fault I accepted the refund. Nothing was signed to agree, I accepted
  3. I contacted this uk company to complain that they didn't provide help when they claim they do. The lack of help has left my two daughters with health problems. The company admitted fault and offered me the entire holiday cost back which I accepted because I was in shock. Upon reflection I'm regretting accepting it. Is there anyway I can contact them and tell them I now don't accept it and want a higher amount?
  4. A friend bought a coffee maker via a selling page on facebook. The seller dropped it off at the buyers house earlier than agreed and took payment from the buyers 13 year old daughter as the buyer wasn't home. When the buyer arrived home she discovered the coffee maker wasn't the actual one she wanted. It was the one in the photograph on the advert but she didn't realise it wasn't the one she required until she saw it in person. The seller agreed upon a refund but has now since changed their mind. Does the buyer have any rights in regards to a refund espe
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