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  1. Thanks Slick. Is the address: 41-43 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3BN 01444 449150 ?
  2. Well Harlands sent me a letter stating the usual thing they send, "your bank has informed us that you have cancelled the direct debit. Thus we have added a charge of 25 GBP. Thus you need to pay 34.99GBP to amend your account. You must call our helpline to avoid further charges added to your account" Of course I have already made all payments prior to my last due date directly to the gym and was advised (by email) by the gym that the account with Harlands will be closed immediately. So I'm definitely in the clear. But how should I respond?
  3. Yeah that is correct, I paid the money on the phone and confirmed the amount with the bank (49.98). I can use the gym till Oct. Once again thank you Slick. I massively appreciate it.
  4. Done and dusted, problem solved. Thank you very much Slick. You've been very helpful.
  5. Thanks. Bit of an issue. Since then I've tried calling them, nobody is answering. Also I sent them that email asking for sort code and acc number, but no reply. I know it has only been a day and I'm being patient but I have my payment due by 9th so I hope they respond sooner than later.
  6. And you're right it should be 49.95 but of course too much hassle for 3p.
  7. Thanks. Perhaps a silly question but how safe are telephone transactions. I've previously avoided them completely. Also, I know its unlikely but what if they charge the admin fee anyway?
  8. Ok so I spoke to the gym head office with the aforementioned request, and they initially said they will charge an admin fee of 20 GBP over and above the fees for 5 months. I said I can't pay this. They agreed that they can complete the payment without any admin fee. BUT it has to be over the phone. Not with Harlands but with themselves. I asked them to send me an email confirming all this. Here is the email they've sent me. ---------------- Good Afternoon A****, Thank you for your recent contact. In regards to your current situation a final payment of £49.98 is required to close your account. Once this has been received there will be no further cost to your account. Upon receipt of this payment your direct debit agreement with Harlands will be closed and you will be able to use our facilities until 09/10/2015. Kind Regards, L*** *** ------------------ The email is from the "membershipsupportteam@xercise4less.co.uk". Can someone please confirm is this is enough/ok and that its safe for me to complete the transaction on the phone? Mind that this is not Harlands but Xercise4less head office who can be reached directly without any wait/extra charges.
  9. Thank you Slick. That was very helpful. I'll get in contact with them tomorrow. What if I'm unable to catch the Manager in person. Would email correspondence suffice?
  10. Thanks Slick, there are a few options as I see them: 1. Ideally I would like to ONLY pay the May fees (and not the remaining months) by cash to the gym. No more DD or payment for remaining months. Is this feasible, and if so how is the best way to go about it? 2. If the above is not a feasible option, I would like to pay the fees for May as well as June-September by cash in one lump sum to the gym, no DD. If this is feasible, how do I go about it? 3. If neither is feasible and I have to go the DD reinstate route I would like the path of minimal admin fee and hassle from Harlands. If so Im guessing your last post would be the best option, correct? Sorry I have so many questions, I don't know anything about these things. This is a big lesson for me. Never try to crooked path.
  11. Thanks Slick, if there is no option but to deal with Harlands, I would just want to pay off May (to undo my mistake) and no more. Is this going to be any more troublesome for me than option 3?
  12. How rude of me! Thank you for your replies slick. It's easy to forget one's manners on the internet
  13. - Yeah I think option 3 is the one that looks best from this. - Any idea what admin fee Harlands charges? It will depend on that. - Is there a way of ensuring that the direct debit only lasts the 12 months. I've heard of cases where it hasn't ended there and people have had hassle after that. How do I ensure that? - Does it have to be a DD? What if I chose to pay all the money upfront? - How do I negotiate this with the gym?
  14. Yes but it is complicated. I was always unemployed (since I was a student) but I was receiving a stipend for my studies which has just ended. So it's in effect a redundancy, but it's not technically a redundancy as I was never technically employed. The next DD date would have been on the 12th. All I want to do now is reinstate my contract. How can I do that?
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