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  1. Hi, well, cancelled DD and letter hand delivered to e4l. Just got another letter from harlands to say there are charging him another £25. So the balance is now £65 for a £15 missed payment. E4l are saying a 30 day notice is needed.. I emailed harlands at the start to say they wasn't getting a penny but replied to say due to dpa I need to call in. From reading other posts I get the impression I shouldn't call them. Help!!
  2. Thanks slick132 yes he wants to cancel his m/ship. If have a template that would be great.. I know x4l don't take cancellation over the phone and try to tell you you have to give 30 days notice but again with his age they can't hold him to this Surely.
  3. He is going into the bank on Tues to cancel his DD
  4. No I never signed anything it was just him.
  5. They never actually gave us any paperwork. I'm assuming it was just for there records and if he wanted to cancel then he was free to do so without any cancellation fees.
  6. Yes he signed it But they told him he wasn't in a contract.
  7. No I believe it has to be a DD, do I call harlands and dispute it.
  8. Hi I need some advice. my son is 17 and signed up to exercise 4 less. He missed his 2nd dd payment due to getting paid every 4 weeks so payment was missed a few days before. His bank haven't charged him but harlands have £25. His payment was due out on the 27th. Got a letter from harlands this morning dated 28th stating they will take the payment on the 8th May. Firstly can they charge this with him being under 18? Secondly I thought with a direct debit they have to give you 10 working days notice before taking payment? Any advice would be helpful.
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