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  1. i will stay for a long long time away that is for sure..
  2. Of course i learnt from this and this gave me a very good lesson. Yes the security handled it very quetly and i thank them so much. If the security wanted to involve the police he could have done it at the time i was on the store? Is there any chance that the security will do it in a later point?
  3. i will not do it again that is for sure. thank god i was lucky and the security staff was really polite and showed me mercy
  4. Thanks for the reply. I received a very good lesson. I am really embarrassed about this. I feel like ****. Honestly i am not doing anything like this again. It was the stupidest thing i ve ever done. Its not worth whether you cheat 10 or 100000000 pounds. What i feel now it cant be better with any amount of money. My dignity was ruined and i feel so bad. It very uncomfortable what i am feeling as i feel i betrayed me my parents and United Kingdom as it treats me so good and i acted so stupid.
  5. Hello, I would like to share my bad experience for which i dont feel good and i feel very unpleasant. One week ago I went to a big chain and i changed the price tag in an item just to save 30 pounds. I changed the tag and went to the cashier and they informed me that the price was not correct which i accepted and left the item there. The total amount were 150pounds I left the shop at that point. After 2 hours i return to make a walk and not to buy the item. The security manager approached me and told me that i am banned from this store and i should leave the store. When he was next
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