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  1. When it rains it pours So in addition to my partners council tax problems she has now received a demand from Optima legal that was passed to them by Cabot for a bank debt. She was basically silly with her finances before she met me. I'm trying my best to help her but I'm not 100% on her rights, so would again appreciate any advice. Her letter reads..... Further to the recent correspondence you have received from Cabot Financial (uk) we confirm we have now been instructed by Cabot Financial (uk) in connection with the above debt which remains outstanding. Our client requires payment by 15/05/2015, failing which we may be instructed to commence legal proceedings against you in the sheriff court. If we do not hear from you by 15/05/2015 and our client has to commence proceedings you would be entitled to submit a defence to those proceedings which the court would consider along with any representations you make. If the Court granted decree (judgment), you may also be ordered to pay the expense arising from some or all of the legal action. A decree (judgment) would be recorded on your credit record for 6 years and may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. If a decree (judgment) is granted and you fail to make payment in accordance with it, our client wold be entitled to enforce payment of the debt. There are various enforcement options which include, but are not restricted to: Letters of inhibition Earnings arrestment Bank Arrestment Please do not delay in attending to this matter as it requires your immediate action. Usually I would just tell her to call and set up a payment plan but she genuinely has nothing she can pay, we have to borrow money from family just to get through the week. So I'm wondering what can they actually do and should she be worried? Is there anything she should do? Once again any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I thank you for clearing that up for me. We will sleep a bit better tonight.
  3. I've read that, to be honest it confuses me a little. She earns £520 a month, so from that table I assumed they would take 19% which would be £98.80 a month?
  4. As I understand it they will take 19% of my partners wage
  5. I think so, Form 30 Earnings Arrestment Schedule. It has the sheriff officers address at the bottom but also states all payments and enquires should be made to the council.
  6. The irony of this situation is that if they go forward with the wage arrestment then we have nothing to pay the current years bill, then the whole cycle starts again.
  7. Yes this years payments are up to date. We had a letter last year from Sheriff officers regarding the arrears which prompted us to set up the payment plan with the council. So the council offered the £20 a month option and we agreed to it.
  8. It was set up with the council themselves.
  9. Hi there, My partner has just received a letter at home stating that her wages are about to be arrested for council tax arrears. My partner, my 18 month old son and I live on my partners part time wage of £520 per month as I am ill, and while I am entitled to employment support allowance due to the illness, I am apparently not entitled to any actual payment as my partner is expected to provide for me. So the 19% of her wage that will be taken in the wage arrestment will quite literally wipe us out and end us. Now I am aware that this is a debt that has to be paid and we actually have tried to make arrangements but this is where things have confused me. At the start of the year I was trying to make arrangements for a payment plan via e-mail and was offered a payment plan of £20 a month which I accepted. After I accepted I never heard anything else from the council, no confirmation of the plan. Regardless, I began to pay the agreed amount of £20 per month and today we were sent the letter stating that her wage was being arrested. Any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated, as we are now at our wits end. Thanks Lee
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