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  1. I have just phoned the Burlington Group however, asking if they could send me a copy of the Writ, as I had already spoken to The court whom said I can get it from the HCEO. However, the Burlington Group have refused me this. First saying they didn't hold them there, then after me pressing her a little bit more regarding it, she then slipped up saying they do indeed hav them - miracle! - to which I said ok, that was my original questions and please can you email me a copy. SHe went off to ask her manager, and rther quick reply was no, they don't have to. I asked if the HCEO will have a copy when he arrives, and apparently he will. Can they refuse me, why would they do this. They are still planning on visiting me, and charging me £575 to do so, even though I have said I will send them all the benefit documents via email now - she blatantly refused me. I just reiterated they will not be let in, and I will not be handing docuemnts out of a window.
  2. I haven't asked any questions on any other forum art from this one? I don't understand why you have said I have? So for the amount of questions, and sorry I don't understand, I'm just trying to find help with the best solution..... I thought that was what a forum was all about, not limited.
  3. Thank you ploddertom. Ok so if he refused it without speaking to creditor, then what would likely to happen? Yes I have since married, and changed my surname since the judgment. The fact of the matter remains, I really do not have the means to pay expect the offer I would give. With no assets either. So my main question I suppise is what what happen if they don't accept my free and they have nothing to take control of. Will they just keep coming back? But surely that will cost fees for them to do so, and if I'm not paying them, who is?
  4. Thank you for your advice, it's very much appreciated. If those chose not to accept it, would the HCEO then give it back to the creditor to do with it what he felt fit, and presumably charging him because he couldn't collect. Then it would be up to the creditor to instruct some other company to do the same if he wanted. Barring in mind that we are into the 5th year of original judgement. You never know, he may accept the payment proposal
  5. Thank you. Yes I said I would agree a payment plan, however I do not think the creditor would agree to it.... So then what?
  6. Perhaps I think I'm thinking too much into it, I've already explained on the phone I don't have the means to pay, I will happily talk to them through a window, show them benefit letters, what else can be done, as ploddertom mentioned earler, they can't get bloody from a stone. I literally have nothing of worth, they can't come into the house to take control of anything either
  7. Ok great, I keep reading do many conflicting things. However, it's actually not my name on it either, it's my maiden name
  8. Oh dear accused of having a dangerous dog! - well don't climb over fence and not expect ANY dog to defend his territory, regardless of the breed.
  9. Thank you for clearing that up, much appreciated. Even though they aren't mine? - surely that would be clear that these sort of tools wouldn't belong to me. Does this sort of thing happen a lot, or would it not be worth their time, knowing I'm on benefits and won't have anything of worth and even tools (that's aren't mine) wouldn't be of that amount of value
  10. I understand that, thank you. We are into the 5th year if the original judgement, it's taken him this long to actually decide to ge a writ. So it makes no difference that the address is incorrect?
  11. Thank you wonky donkey, Doesn't need to be certified? So can just be a random self employed bully boy? So if he scales my fences (even though there are dog signs up) and he gets attacked by my dog, I can't be held accountable can I? (I have an English bull terrier) Yes they are detached, but none of my contents are in there, plus they are all tools of trade.
  12. Brilliant, understand all that. In regards to the writ, I've just found out that it's for my previous address! Yet the letter I received Thursday from the HCEO was to my current address. I gather they can't enforce this now? I've also been reading about a "notice to produce and notice to leave" can I do that?
  13. So I basically have to invite them in or leave the door open in order for it to be peaceful?
  14. Ok great. If I opened the door (not knowing it was them) and they asked to come in and I said no, could they force their way in (by putting foot in the door or hand in so I couldn't close door) is that classed as peaceful entry just because I opened the door? You can't access back door as its on the back of my house enclosed within garden fence, garage is also enclosed within fences too, there would only be the side gate (which is locked) or front door
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