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  1. I would never let any bailiff in he was just trying his luck and soon realised I do not take kindly to being bullied. I was concerned that he said he didn't need my permission to enter my house as I have 3 young Children and would hate for them to witness a complete stranger coming in and seizing goods.
  2. Thank you everyone for the great advice. The Bailiff said he would be back tomorrow to collect payment or remove goods. I shall not answer the door to him and also write to the Council and go there in person. I take full responsibility and accept the debt has to be paid but like normal people we sometimes struggle. His attitude was disgraceful from the start and also his intimidation tactics did not work with me.
  3. It is in both mine and my Husbands name. I do not work due to having small Children and my Husband is Self Employed so his wages are never the same. I did receive a notice of enforcement before they visited but I explained to them we could not afford what they were asking which was £240 per week.
  4. They refused to take it back from the bailiffs when I previously asked. I'm going to ask them again in writing and keep copies and logs of all correspondence. I pay Council Tax in 10 monthly installments.
  5. I had a visit from a Bristow & Sutor Bailiff this morning regarding outstanding Council Tax. He said he wanted me to come up with £200 by tomorrow morning or he would remove my goods. I said I could not afford that amount and he said that I should borrow it from someone. I politely told him he would not be allowed entry to my home to which his reply was he does not need my permission to enter my house a s the law has changed and it is a criminal offence to obstruct a bailiff and I would be arrested if I did not let him come in to remove goo
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