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  1. I already sent similar email and this is the part of their reply: "Considering the situation, we are offering you a goodwill gesture by instead waiving three payments from the outstanding balance and adding them to the end of your contract. As such, we will be unable to differ from the offer my colleague Kim has stated to you."
  2. Hi! I got a confirmation email from LA Fitness saying that: - they want me to pay now for May, - they will take the next payment in end of May (in a week?) for June, - they will extend my contract for 3 months. I don't think it's fair that they want me to pay for May as it's almost the end of month and I would be paying for something I wasn't even able to use. I replied that I would like to negotiate and make the first payment in May for June but also I would agree to extend my contract one more month (which make sense for me as they will get the same amount of money in the end
  3. Hi slick132 I will tell them at the head office tomorrow. Just got a call from ARC Europe. The guy had to be on the street, I could hardly hear him. He said I need to pay £160 for the last four months. I said I am resolving the issue with La Fitness and that all is in writing. He was arguing with me but in the end just said I need to send him a copy of a letter from LA Fitness saying the issue is resolved.
  4. It's ridiculous but £40 was the lowest monthly fee as I took the student membership. There is no off peak option. They made now 18 months contracts which are supposed to be cheaper but they are above £40 in all LA Fitness clubs in my area.
  5. Hi! I called the Head Office today. They told I need to pay £40 (for January, when I cancelled direct debit) and I need to renew my membership which will be extended for 3 months (Feb, March and April). I have been told to call them again tomorrow and set up a new direct debit and I will be able to use gym from tomorrow again. The person I was speaking to assured me that once the payment is set up correctly they will contact ARC Europe and cancel all the fees. I didn’t really want to renew my membership but after all £40 fee and renewing membership is better than paying £440. I
  6. Ok many thanks, fingers crossed! I'll be informing you all.
  7. Hi I went to the gym and asked for manager to hand him a letter. He told me he will scan the letter to the head office and that they will call me and I should tell them what happened and I probably won't have to pay the whole sum. I got him to sign the other copy of the letter as well. Should I pick their call? If yes, what should I say? He also said I don't have to worry about ARC Europe and chat to head office first and they will make them stop messaging me so I didn't sent the letter to them yet.
  8. Hi Slick132, Thanks for the help. I am going tot he gym to hand in the letters. I am also going to the post office to send the copy to ARC Europe: Dear sir or madam, I have attached the copy of the letter I sent to LA Fitness. This matter is in clear dispute and you are required to cease demands until the issue with the gym is resolved. Yours faithfully, XYZ Membership No: xxxxxxxxxxxx Is it ok? They also sent me text message today saying: Please contact Jo at ARC Europe urgently on xxxxxxxxx.
  9. It's £40 each month. Is there any other solution as I don't want to set the DD as I won't be using gym anyways. It was the first contract I signed in my life and they assured me it will take 5min to dissolut it. I had no idea there can be such a big problem. I'm very angry with myself now and wish I have never signed it. What if I moved out further from gym, would it be the basis for dissolving the contract?
  10. Hi Slick132, It's further from la fitness than previous job but I have the other la fitness gym within 30min journey from my house. My contract says it has to be further than 10miles to cancel on distance basis. My job doesn't take me away or make going gym difficult, unfortunately...
  11. Hi slick123, I'm so bad at keeping my documents together. 1. Yes, in the end of October 2014 2. End of January 2015 3. Middle of February 2015 4. In March but when I was leaving I wasn't sure if I go back. I can't afford continuing contract at the moment as it is £40 per month. I also changed jobs in the meantime. Is there any solution in my case? Thanks for removing my name!
  12. Bazooka Boo, thanks a lot for your reply. Template of the letter would help me a lot and also I'm not sure if I should send it to LA Fitness or ARC Europe. It was a student membership. Thanks,
  13. Hi All! I have been signed up with LA fitness since roughly October 2014. When I was signing my contract I stated I might change my job in few months and the person handling my contract was very friendly and assured me few times that it takes only 5 minutes to break the contract and there will be no problems, I only need a proof. In January 2015 I was going back to my country and wasn’t sure if I am going to go back. I wrote a letter and gave it to the person at the reception together with copy of proof of booking my flight ticket. She said I don’t need to worry
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