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  1. I have not got any paper before and inspector didn't take my name and address, but I think my student osyter card can prove my address.
  2. OK, thanks a lot. By the way, if someone lost the penalty fare notice and he doesn't remember the notice number, do you know what will he do next? I think it is the similar case for me to check the penalty notice..
  3. It is the problem. I didin't hear clear. After he scanned my osyter card, the train strat quickly and there is a crowed and noisy morning.
  4. no, nothing he gives to me. Only scanning my student osyter card by his card reader..
  5. At that time, after I got off the train start. There was no time to deal my case so he just told me to go somewhere to take the notice. Maybe I misunderstand?
  6. Dear all, Last week I took the DLR but forgot to scan in, at that time I didn't get any penalty notice for but I have been told to take my notice tomorrow. At that time, my student oyster card was scanned by the officer's card reader. Now it has been one week so where can I get the notice and how can i check whether I need to pay? Thanks in advance
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