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  1. Atlas01, It was not a question of her wanting it to "Poof away" the comment was hearsay and clarification was all that was required. she hasn't been off work for 10 years so hence the question, but thanks for the info
  2. Thx, much appreciated, as I say the null & void was only hearsay
  3. Hello, Thanks for adding me! My question is (and I have tried researching here and others) before asking, so can anybody please clarify, when a RTW has to be completed by, basically my wife has been back at 4 days and still has not been approached to have one. Is there a time limit for instance, that if her employer has not completed by, then it becomes null and void and the 2 weeks sickness cannot be added to her records. (I only ask as this is "hearsay" at the moment) Regards, Dave
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