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  1. Hi and thanks for your reply. I believe I have to write to Vodafone first before taking it to the Ombudsman. I will explain that I want my complaint looked at in accordance with their complaints procedure which should fall under their complaints code of practice. Simply saying that they will eventually offer me compensation while not telling me what that will be is not enough. I will then give them 8 weeks and if the problem is not solved I will then complain to the Ombudsman. Thanks for the help everyone, I will keep this thread updated.
  2. Thank you. As you can see, I first posted this problem just over two months ago. My phone has not been working properly for over 4 months now and I realised they said that they will eventually offer me 'compensation' not a refund and won't tell me what compensation they will eventually offer me. I look forward to hearing back from you. James
  3. Hi I left this a while in the hope that it would get sorted out - it hasn't and has now been many months. My ref number: WRT135 [#10651649] Regards James
  4. Sue them due to the fact that people need to call me on this number for work. I am losing a living because people can't get through to my number. I have asked them to end my contract but they won't without me paying a fee. It does not state in the contract that I have to keep paying them if I am not receiving a service, plus more than two moths is quite long enough. Therefore they are in breach of contract. Something unrelated but another thing I don't like about Vodafone is that they sold me someone elses number who used to have an account with them. Mayb
  5. Hi all I am a pay monthly customer with Vodafone and am in contract with them till October 2015. However, over two months ago my phone suddenly stopped working. I could not make or receive calls or texts, and I could not use the internet. In short, nothing worked. I noticed that in some areas my phone would work but in many areas throughout the whole of London (the city where I live) it was not working. I phoned up Vodafone and they said that they were doing upgrades in certain areas. This was to do with the internet and that is why my phone lost reception. They kept t
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