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  1. Hi, my loan was taken out in May 2000 and the underwriters were the same as yours however when I contacted each underwriter they said that Aviva were responsible, The society if Lloyds wrote to me stating this; I gave the Ombudsman this info and they still did not uphold my complaint saying it was out of time; I have asked for the complaint to be looked at again but don't hold much hope


    Forgot to mention AA Cassidy are Welcome Finance - they share the same address, tel no etc, hope this helps and good luck

  2. Hi All,


    After a bit of research it seems that the loan in question (taken out in March 2000) was underwritten by 3 different underwriters. Lloyds syndicate 582 (AA Cassidy & others) 40%. SCOR UK limited 35% and Zurich Insurance 25%.


    I have emailed the complaints department of all parties with my name, dob and welcome financial ac number. I have requested repayment of premiums plus 8% interest since the PPI was mis sold. I have asked that the complaint be forwarded to the relevant department for a response

    My question now is this. If, as I expect, they simply say no or ' too long ago' or Welcome was not 'regulated' at the time. - this is the reason the FOS won't take it on, can I simply issue a money claim in the small claims court against all three companies, using the details on companies house for the name of their managing director/registered address. ?


    This may be very simplistic but in my mind, regardless of regulation, time, etc, these people still took a lot of money from me under false pretences . I was told that it was an obligatory part of the loan, that I couldn't have the loan without the repayments being 'protected'


    I was not aware that it was completely unsuitable for me as I have been a civil servant since 1996 have full sick pay for 6 months and 6 months half pay. On top of that, my pre existing health condition (since age 24 (was 32 at time of loan) would have precluded any claim.

    Hi, my loan was taken out in May 2000 and the underwriters were the same as yours however when I contacted each underwriter they said that Aviva were responsible, The society if Lloyds wrote to me stating this; I gave the Ombudsman this info and they still did not uphold my complaint saying it was out of time; I have asked for the complaint to be looked at again but don't hold much hope

  3. Hi, the email address is complaints@lloyds.com

    Nicola Hills case complaints officer - 0207 327 5693


    The society of Lloyds wrote to me staying Aviva were the underwriters and I did give this info to the Ombudsmans to no avail, they said it was out of time and I still cannot understand why because I was forced to take the ppi and when I neede it the most during illness just after childbirth they refused to pay out; the Ombudsman is currently relooking at the complaint that was declined by them last year, good luck and I hope this helps

  4. Have you got an address for Lloyds?





    Hi, I have just seen your message; I do have an address amidst paperwork and will dig it out tomorrow for you; I too have asked for my claim to be revisited as it was declined by an adjudicator who I believe has not addressed all the issues surrounding my claim, now another waiting game; good luck with yours, Ameeta

  5. Hi d, thanks for that;


    I have emailed them the letter - I understand I need to pay £10

    - I seem to remember paying them £10 a few years ago for information so will await their reply;


    I do have all the info regarding the loans:


    Ref – £2,500, May 2000 No agreement - FOS confirmed

    - £6,927, December 2004 ( this is the one the forced me to take whilst on incapacity benefit

    - there is no agreement/paperwork only a legal dma they said)


    £5,467.56, May 2002 Have agreement


    £3995 April 2002 Have agreement


    Aviva have also kindly emailed me the t&cs of their ppi and confirmed they should have paid out for the lifetime of the loan.


    I do know exactly what I was paying each month too.


    Please can you advise of what to do next, thanks

  6. Hi D,


    In May 2000, April 2002, May 2002 and December 2004 i took out four loans.


    The three loans had PPI on it, Aviva was the underwriter for two, Society of LLoyds the other, Aviva,


    i had an emergency caesarian section on the 26th Sept 2002 and was injected in my spine and could not work,

    Welcome were aware of this and forced me to take out a loan in Dec 2004 to help pay for the other loans

    they refered to this as a Legal DMA - they provided no agreement and still state they have no written agreement.


    They knew i was unable to work and even arrived on my doorstep with the paperwork.


    Things got nasty, i could not afford to pay for the loan they forced me in to taking,

    they threatened to take my home and in the end i ended up selling my home and paying them 28,000

    as well as the monthly payments, i incurred late payment charges etc


    I have since found out the PPi should have been paid -have medical evidence and that the HP agreement for one of the loans has a broker named

    that has no recollection of ever having a policy in my name - have evidence of this too;


    Welcome have just put RSAs name on the document and taken my money by the looks of it,

    also if the ppi had paid out for the duration of the loans, I would never have had to sell my house

    nor be forced to take another loan whilst on incapacity benefit;

    I couldn't work from sept 2002 till 2009,



  7. Hi,



    I just wondered whether anybody knew the maximum period ppi can be paid?



    I was forced to buy ppi via Welcome Finance on three loans,

    one in April 2000 - Underwriter Jubilee Group,



    the other 2 Direct Group, April and May 2002.



    I was rejected for the claim as the insurer - Direct Group said my injury was mechanical

    but I have however found a letter from my GP stating otherwise

    - I was on incapacity benefit for 7 years.



    I have contacted Welcome who said the PPI will only pay out for 5 years and having read other cases

    some have said only 16 months,?



    I have sent the Jubilee Group and Direct Group my GPs letter and await their response

    and would really like to find out the ppi payment duration because i'm being given different information,



    I had to sell my house to pay Welcome back.



    Please can someone advise,




  8. Scrutinise your loan agreement; mine had discrepancies, it was from 2002 - paid off now but said Royal Sun Alliance sold me Mechanical Breakdown, shortfall etc - contacted RSa they confirmed in writing twice that they never sold this policy; my question is, where did the money go? I've given Welcome 5 days to reply....

  9. Hi d, thanks for that,



    I have just taken a look; very suspicious indeed!



    I have emailed Welcome with my concerns and I can provide them with the proof that Royal Sun Alliance did not provide the GAP/Breakdown insurance;



    I wonder what their reply will be - I have the agreement too;



    should I report them for fraud because in effect they have just pocketed my money?




  10. Hi dx,

    Thanks for that;



    I will contact the FSCS tomorrow



    the one thing that is annoying me greatly is how can Welcome Finance clearly state on an HP Agreement

    that Royal Sun Alliance was the Insurer/Broker and they were not;



    they charged me for the Gap/mechanical breakdown but where did that money go,



    the Agreement says Royal Sun Alliance but Royal Sun Alliance have sent me a reply in writing that they never sold the GAP/Mechanical breakdown;



    personally, I think they have just put their name on the agreement and taken the money and I am wondering whether I should report them for fraud?



    Please can you advise, thanks

  11. Hi,



    I would like to know if anybody could shed any light regarding LLoyds and Welcome Finance;



    I have written to LLoyds regarding the PPi mis sale , May 2002 loan,

    they agree that they are indeed the Underwriters but Welcome is responsible;



    I am awaiting Welcomes response - probably a negative one;



    I would also like help with a mechanical breakdown issue with additional insurances that I was forced to buy in April 2002;



    I have approached Welcome and they responded saying that they did not have to pay out because a High Court ruled that

    a ' Scheme' had been put in place in 2011 for 2 months and that I should have claimed then which I did to no avail;



    having scrutinised the agreement, I thought I'd approach Royal and Sun Alliance whose name appears on the HP agreement for the car as the Insurer/Broker

    - Royal Sun Alliance did respond and



    I have this in writing stating that they never sold this type of insurance back the - strange?



    I have also been in touch with the FOS regarding the PPi I was forced to buy yet could not use when I suffered back pain;

    I have submitted a GPs letter to each of the Underwriters as to why my claim was rejected

    and am waiting for their reply too;



    what can I do now;



    please can someone advise,




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