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  1. Trust me Peachy are horrible to deal with and I raised a complaint after adding on nearly £600 charges eventually had to take to FOS and then Ombudsman found in my favour.
  2. I did mine across about 9 lenders spanning anything from 6months to 3 years worth of consecutive borrowing and every single one have agreed upheld my complaints it wasn't so much about getting money back in some cases just having my credit file updated I was happy with but overall got about £5000 back in charges and interest so be patient it's taken 6 months but worth it and seeing my credit file cleaning up even better and not for the benefit of taking more credit but simply closing that chapter of my life!! Been 7 years I have been using multiple payday loans and nice to finally be free! If your not happy with the responses take it to the FOS but make sure you raise a formal complaint with each one and detail is key
  3. I would say just be lucky and walk away with what we redress you got and hopefully you are no longer re,isn't on PDLs I know I have been there and has been a 5 year battle but this month marks the last ever PdL payment I will ever make.
  4. I had 37 loands with PDUK, 11 with PDE, 11 with Wonga and already sorted the QQ and P2P ones so I say hold in there. So far QQ, P2P and 247 Moneybox have all written and cleared the debts and credit file updated. Am waiting on a response now from the big 3 which is £10k in interest and charges alone and not to mention had roughly 10 payday loans at one time every month for almost 2 years!! No way there was any responsible lending (or borrowing) I know but it was a dark and dire situation and one I'm working hard to fix! Saying that if I can get my credit file updated and any money back is a bonus! So 6 weeks to go and counting now! To be fair all 3 have responded to emails and calls as well as sending me the documents I've asked for all within the first week!
  5. I also have an outstanding complaint with both PDUK and PDE which come under the same group companies I would ring and ask them for your statements of accounts and then ring up FOS and log the complaint or fill in the forms online and attach evidence etc I have found it so useful and although the the 8 weeks is not up yet FOS will raise a complaint and PDUK and PDE will be sent the reference details so will know you've been to the FOS it also means that if nothing is resolved by the time the initial 8 weeks is up the FOS are ready to go and should be no delays it could also help the lenders come back with a more favourable decision who knows I still have 6 weeks left to wait but after 37 consecutive loans with PDUK I want some of the £6000 interest I paid over the 4 years
  6. yes and they do send a standard response back but query it and then you should hear from the resolution team make sure your are formally complaining under affordability assessments etc and miselling based on long term borrowing so be clear the number of loans over what period etc plus ring the FOS and log your complaints they are so helpful and i have spent 4 days reviewing all the PDLs I have had and with PDUK for instance 36 consecutive loans in a 4 year period having borrowed £22500 all paid back but prime example of miselling even PDUK were shocked (they are also under the same group of companies as Payday Express) just for PDUK alone £7000 if interest and charges but thankfully all paid back so I want a refund! Good luck and just be clear to yourself about what you are hoping is the end result so for me with QQ and P2P having the debt cleared was the end game but for PDUK the debt is clear but I want some of that money back to the extent I'm now challenging LlOyds over a loan I took out 12 years ago and still paying which is what started my whole financial spiral.
  7. How have you got on any news? Keep chasing them QQ came back quick to me but I was happy with a compensation payment and having the debts cleared so took that offer. Fingers crossed!
  8. Thanks I think the approach to QQ depends on whether you have an outstanding balance? Don't forget Pounds to Pocket also come under the same company!! I emailed them direct with a formal complaint saying given my current and previous financial status that your are querying the affordability checks and financial assessments made given you have arrears, multiple loans, defaults etc tailor to your own history also site that you had xxxx amount of loands over xxx period again using these high interest loans for long term borrowing which should show the desperate measures you were having to take..Also add how having the QQ loan meant you had to take out additional borrowing from other lenders each month to make the outstanding payments and you have since been in a trap of continuous payday borrowing instigated by this. Again tailor as per your situation and add in how many loands you had, over how many months, total borrowed and total repaid if you know it plus your looking for interest and charges to be refunded and also mention you have also going to the financial ombudsman. QQ came back really quickly and I was happy with the resolution etc! If you don't have outstanding debt with them and not happy with the offer reject it if your looking to get a big payment back from them then ring up the FOS and file the complaint they are so helpful and it is really quick and easy and this will help QQ see your serious but do remember if you owe them money you will need to repay or you take an offer to wipe the debt and update your credit file and just move on! If you have had multiple loans with lenders start logging formal complaints I'm now waiting on responses from 7 one of which is payday uk and payday express both again come under the same group of companies and on reviewing my bank statements I had 36 consecutive loands with PDUK in 4 years! Can't wait for that response and no outstanding debts with them so hope I get interest and charges back. All I would say is don't be afraid even if your in a bad financial situation for me it's about clearing any debts for those outstanding and cleaning up my credit file any extra payments I get from this are just a bonus and goof luck. If you've had one payday loan you e probably had a few do start logging those complaints formally!
  9. Oh and I rang Wonga yesterday about my previous accounts they said they will send me a statement of accounts and can 12 working days today I received an email with all of the previous loan details! They also then responded to my complaint saying they are reviewing and could take up to 8 weeks. I'm willing to wait now and see what happens.
  10. I emailed all of my outstanding and previous payday loan lenders yesterday having seen these posts. Basically an email last week from Wonga saying my outstanding debt which was in arrears no longer had to be paid due to affordability checks so wiped clean and credit file updated to remove all Wonga entires plus a £75 refund for payments made to PRA. I thought great result as debt cleared and default removed from my credit file. So yesterday I contacted QuickQuid, Pounds 2 Pocket and Payday Express saying I think the loans were issued and I don't believe sufficient checks or affordability criteria. Initial response from QQ and P2P is no they carried out the relevant checks blah blah I then emailed them with a formal complaint and low and behold I have an email from the, today saying they have reviewed all the checks were sufficient and they stand by their response however in wanting to treat their customers fairly they are now wiping the debt I owe of £2000 plus will update and remove any references including defaults from my credit file plus give me £150 as a goodwill gesture. I am totally chuffed and so far this week had £3500 worth of debt cleared and links on my credit file removed!! I am totally chuffed as you can imagine and I could have pressed for more perhaps but thought hey the debt is cleared and credit file clear I'm gonna take it! So still waiting to hear back from Payday Express (10 loans in 11 months) Swift Sterling (8 loans in 10 months) and Lending Stream multiple loans at one time. All of which have defaults against them (yep the affordability angle) so am hoping I get a similar offer! On Wonga given they started this I have since gone back and complained about the previous 9 loans I had under the affordability checks so hoping I get some refund on this too!!
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