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  1. Many thanks, will try Hotpoint again, Twitter produced no result but will have a try with FB. If we could just get a date for them to come it would help, just feel we are up against the 12month guarantee date.
  2. Hi, I would like some advise on this please, my daughter has one of the affected dryers I have been in contact with them and registered the appliance 5wks ago so far no reply from them, however I contacted them by phone this Monday gone 1st agent said it was not one of the faulty appliances it clearly is though, 2nd phone call made & was agreed it was a faulty one, I asked for a Supervisor this time. The problem I have is this was bought from Very last April 2015 on buy now pay 12months later so is still under guarantee & not paid for as yet, very refusing to take it back without an up
  3. Yes, I have had one from HMRC, just give them a call & request one
  4. Phoned the Court this morning to make sure Mr Carter had indeed filed his discontinuance with them, he has it was filed 1/09/2016. Thank you very very much guys for all your help on this one your advice & help has been invaluable, keep up the magnificent work & a donation will be made to help with the causes Regards Polly
  5. shamrocker what do you mean deadlines looming.... I have had a letter from the Court cple days ago about entering a witness statement by 11 Sept, do I still have to do this
  6. Well have received a letter this morning from Mr Carter........ Please find enclosed by way of serivce a Notice of Discontinuance of this case, also enclosed a form that states the discontinuance of all of the claim!!! Is that possibly the end of it
  7. I kinda thought it was, but wasn't 100% sure, I will sit and wait......... thank you for your replies
  8. Yes dx100uk that was everything that was received this morning
  9. Hope this is better .... I cannot remember when it was opened around 2007/8 Apart from the letter itself from BC above and the dodgy payment form I received these 2 pages of T & C's
  10. Oop I think i done something wrong in trying to upload files I will try again...... sorry
  11. Received these today from Mr BC, terms that he wouldnt come up with 3 months ago & a very dodgy payment schedule (which I made add is NOT from Shop Direct) any feedback welcome
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