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  1. its now been 18 months since I heard anything from Cabot. I take it this could be a sign they do not have all the relevant documents?.
  2. I have still not heard from Cabot in relation the requested CCA. I sent Halifax a SAR request which has recently come back, they have sent back copies of what Cabot had already sent me months ago (copies of agreements but no T's & C's etc). Does anyone know where I stand with this as it looks like even Halifax do not hold all the relevant documents. They have also sent screen shots of emails between Cabot and Halifax where they are requesting the documents back in July, but I am still yet to hear from Cabot? surely if they had the correct info th
  3. I sent off a for a CCA request earlier this year, but I received a letter back stating I needed to request a SAR. The address they gave me to resend to was Halifax DSAR Charlton Place (C42) Andover Hants SP10 1RE hope this helps ?
  4. thank you, that's what I thought tbh. shall I advise them of this or sit on this information? I want to try and get 'my ducks in a row' with this - so to speak before I go into battle with them.
  5. These are the other documents that came.
  6. I have not received any T&C's . all I received was the scan above and 2pages in relation to the PPI / loan repayments cover. nothing on these pages has been signed as they appear to be for information only. I did not realise these would be relevant to any CCA request? I will scan these sheets but I'm not sure what purpose this serves though?
  7. No, I haven't paid anything since Sept '14 when I first sent Cabot the CCA request. In relation to the PPI/insurance this was dealt with a couple of years ago to my surprise as they contacted me direct. and has been settled. the other foot notes are a photocopied sheet containing 'Key notes' in relation to the PPI. ie what is covered etc. im a bit unsure if this actually holds any weight? and whether I start my payments again?
  8. this is what I have received from Cabot... no t&c's or anything! ..... any thoughts on my next course of action?
  9. The last time the alleged debts were acknowledged/paid was Sept 14, I stopped both payments until they could action my CCA request. Both debts were removed from my credit file in mid '13 so nothing now shows, although I do check it every now and again to make sure nothing has re-appeared, as I am now in a lot better position than I was a few years back. I've heard horror stories about cabot reconstituting these CCA request and trying to obtain CCJ's even though they can't supply CCA's.
  10. thanks. I have not paid anything since I started this dispute with them. The accnt they have given up on is from 1997 CC (approx. 8,000) ...good result (is there a chance this will be sold to other DCA to take a chance with?). The other is a loan (approx. 10,000) from may 2005 but have not heard anything since the standard 40 day letter they sent along with the accnt being on hold.
  11. Hi all, I'm new to this so unsure how to get this into the correct forum? any help is appreciated. To cut a long story short, 2 alleged Halifax debts were sold to Cabot in 2012 and I have had nothing but problems from the start with them. in Sept 2014 I sent 2 CCA requests for the alleged debts and got the standard response from them and these accounts were on 'Hold', however in Jan '15 I received a letter from Cabot stating that they were no longer going to pursue ONE of these debts. I have heard nothing about the other one since, I have since sent a lett
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