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  1. Hi i'm sure you've read some of the other threads by now maybe mine, i was never defaulted after years and begged ages ago to be defaulted retrospectively as i get late markers each month they agreed to but still getting markers so i think they are fairly hopeless at most things even when you beg for them to punish you properly . However i'm not clued up enough to advise about FOS although a lot of people seem to have had to use them with myjar. I wonder if an agreement to pay can't be treated as a 'new loan' and green dotted as the original was still defaulted so maybe has to reflec
  2. Thanks for your replies, i think i'll just take a lesson from it , 4 years and a bit and its gone anyway .Thanks to it i'm not so naive now and know to contest things strongly if in doubt. Thanks again, James
  3. Hi all, The last 6 months or so i've been finally cleaning up my credit file and dealing with various debts i built up over several years. In early 2012 got stuck in a pay day loan cycle and my brother died in his 30's and i suffered depression and barely kept going at work and just buried my head in the sand. Whilst this was going on i had bought a couple of items ( as far as i remember) from Littlewoods mail order catalogue. At the time i'd totally given up my credit file and was in no condition to be taking credit to be honest. out of the Blue 18 months later,
  4. Good luck, think a few are having some joy in light of the Wonga situation. I complained to CFO lending about 3 weeks ago about affordability.My £400 borrowing had spiralled to £1400 on my file .My salary declared was deemed enough to cover it (about £1200 a month) so they said it was affordable and went off that only, no other borrowing checks. Offered to reduce my balance to £500 and update file.So an improvement but still feel they failed affordability as they didn't check any current borrowing (about 7 loans). I thought i'd get nowhere at all but seems most PDL's had flaws some
  5. Hi, i was in another thread on this dealing with this lot and had the issue of not being defaulted at all and having late markers placed each month for over 3 years.I emailed to say please default me within 6 months of the debt.The next day emailed me to say i'd be defaulted if not all paid before the required but would be backdated. Well i gladly didn't pay and over 2 months later still not defaulted me and CRA's still monthly late reporting.So even when you contact after years and beg to get defaulted on the debt they don't.So i'm about to chase them up again and look at FOS.
  6. Sorry i haven't got back to you, thanks for your advice, i'm going to offer to repay it in a few installments and see if it can just be classed as normal payments on the account then settled/closed as i feel that's fair enough for both of us. If for some reason that can't be done and they insist on defaulting ( i'm sure they'll want to secure some rights on the debt by defaulting it) then i'll ask for it to be done in 2012 when arrears began. I'll complain to the ICO that it's unfair the default hasn't started to be cleared off atleast, and i assume i can let them know my way of solu
  7. Hi, i have a query regarding not being defaulted yet by MyJar. I decided recently that after 3 years of trying to fix my credit and debts i ought to inspect my credit files. I took out a txtloan (now MyJar) of £300 end of 2011 and had difficulties so it didn't get paid.The majority of borrowings i had sadly all defaulted by start of 2012 and CRA's reflect this . However the MyJar Loan is showing as 6 months in arrears ( a Red 6) and it says not defaulted.It shows as being initially overdue from around Nov 2012 . I assume if i just leave it even when my defaults go i'll be 6 months
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