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  1. I do take your points on-board, but I think his underlying message is this, we could be doing it all a hell of a lot cheaper and potentially even safer than we are currently doing it, but the industry is using scare tactics to hike the price way higher than it has to be, profit is the goal of almost every business as most CAG viewers will attest to. The scientist who was killed in the above video, did the math after the flash to see who in the room would be OK or not as the case maybe, suggesting that even back then we knew the risks and the math etc. So if these experts are willing to be in a room with weapons grade stuff and they knew the risks involved, then it seems at least to me that some of Galen's points are valid. It is my believe that the nuclear industry has been ripping of the consumer for decades and also the way we currently produce power in big processing plants like he describes may also be the wrong approach, see:- Galen even said in the video we haven't built a nuclear reactor right yet and smaller local reactors etc are the way to go - watch the above link for more on this train of thought. It seems he may have been a man ahead of his time in some respects. I think he was also a man with a message and he should've been listened to a whole lot more.
  2. I feel like someone who has been told to look over there and forget this, nothing to see here. Stay on target or at least on thread topic, dark flow and dark energy debates please leave at the door.
  3. The point of his video that he seems to want to make clear is that WE are all paying a fortune for something that WE may not need to be paying a fortune for - the regulations have hiked the price of the nuclear option, for so many dubious reasons, seems to be his message. So should we all be asking deeper questions or maybe we should all just accept everything we are told without question! I am curious enough to ask
  4. My point " If it's that lethal then wouldn't going near the thing without wearing full hazard suits etc be considered at least prudent." Why are they all standing around weapons grade stuff dressed as if its an average day at the office! What the guy is saying in the first video basically means that nobody should be anywhere near this thing and according to the regulatory authorities, all of them in the room would be contaminated including the room itself just by taking it out the box! Much lower grade waste material just being in the room with them would according to the authorities, be considered a hazard zone that would need a fortune spent on cleaning it up - A FORTUNE. My logic is only based on observation, if you have hard empirical data then let me know.
  5. I am no nuclear physicist either but I do think what he is saying holds some validity:- He actually describes the above dramatized version of the event in his talk, what get's me is that they are all in the room without much in the way of protection, which is how I have heard and seen this event re-told many many times over. If it's that lethal then wouldn't going near the thing without wearing full hazard suits etc be considered at least prudent. It's called tickling the dragons tail as shown above and described here :- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon_core Keep in mind the above shown material is weapons grade, which is considered way beyond low or high level waist. I am a scientist at heart - so truth and understanding is my goal, not outlandish conjecture or wild conspiracy, but if he is right, then God almighty this raises so many questions.
  6. Never on toast
  7. My whole point is to find out if it should be taken seriously or not. It's easy to dismiss him as a lunatic, but some of what he is saying is so specific that it seems to be a case of at least lets hear him out and then see if there is any truth in what he is saying. I am pretty sure if you listen to David Icke, then you will see that he suckers people in with halve truths, mixed with fiction, fantasy and a good tale. This is a little different to Icke simply because Icke can be seen as trying to make a buck. This guy does seem sane and does not seem to be involved in what he is doing for the money. I am only after the truth, if this guy is an idiot or a liar etc then great at least I will have seen enough possible debate to consider what he is saying as absolute nonsense, but to totally dismiss him, without any debate is to my mind, no different to saying hey Edison's DC is best and Tesla's AC is bad because the authority of the day tells us its that way, because ultimately Edison was defending his business, reputation and income based on bias rather than fact. Think of it like science, I am only after the truth, if he turns out be a nutter then great, if he turns out to be telling the truth, then he is one of the biggest whistle blowers of all time, either way, I wanna know. Also as CAG is all about us vs the MAN and how the MAN is always screwing us, I thought this was a good place to at least open it up for debate.
  8. All I have to say is that should all watch this, then the debate can begin:-
  9. SKY rip off merchants
  10. Hate defending any company but have been with Talk Talk for years (very basic package) and have had no issues with them YET
  11. Stupid TV license it's a rip off anyway
  12. They ain't come back - oh well - maybe next time, we will catch them in the act.
  13. As Baldrick would say - I have cunning plan, let's just say I hope they knock again
  14. Thanks for your support - she was suicidal when she had to attend Ingeus, they really did treat her like their puppet, go here, do this or we will sanction you = no money = pretty much no shelter and no food = death in our society. When you have that kind of Damocles sword hanging over your head everyday, then her thoughts where, it is better to just end it, rather than go on living like this. The types of jobs she was told she had to take or else, where horrible and involved lots of travel time etc, she can't drive and in effect she would have been working for nothing (again). The poor and uneducated have been setup by the system for a very very long time to be nothing more than mindless drones catering to the will of the system. The system has set up an entire generation of people to comply with the elites will without question. A really good example of this can be seen, if you just watch 5 minutes of a film called "Our Day Out", it's free to watch on Youtube (type in OUR DAY OUT PART 5 and take onboard these words, do you really think people would empty bins and stand on production lines if they had been given a real choice + nobody wants to educate these kids, because lets face it, if they did, then who would do all the crap jobs. Anyway I despise this system, they are making tax payers pay money to a company that then bullies people in to becoming complicit with the MAN's will and these poor people are given 2 choices - comply or you will be left to die because you have no money. The MAN and his mates have actually set people up to pay for their own oppression whilst having figured out how to profit from it all and spin it to us all, as hey look at us, we are doing this good thing for you all and getting all these people in to work I am much more from the Zeitgeist train of thought. We all need to wake up and understand that the mind games being played on us all by this 1% is so bad that they will not stop, until they control every aspect of our lives. What they want is an entire world of micro managed mindless drones complicit to their will and if you question it, then you will be in trouble. I have always hated the Gover Ment = Govern Mind.
  15. This might be a dead thread - but wanted to say something about this very issue 2 guys knocked on my employees door today describing themselves as being from the department for works and pensions. She lives in a big house and lives alone with other people she hardly knows living in other parts of the house, one of the renters of the other rooms in the house, knocked on her flat door and said there are 2 guys who she did not like the look of or trust, wearing suits and looking like bailiffs at the main front door to the flats. So my employee went down stairs and was confronted (she is a small 5 foot woman), with 2 imposing guys who then said with no ID etc, that they where from Ingeus and she had better tell them who her employer is or she would be in trouble and that she was also legally obliged to tell them. She said no and after a bit of please remove your foot from my door and imposing actions and stern words and looks etc, they left but said they would be back. Now as her employer, I gave her the job, 1. so as to get her away from Ingeus, who where bullying her and driving her to suicidal thoughts (I kid you not), she is also a friend and 2. I actually HATE these kind of profiteering companies at the tax payers expense (I would never own shares in a company that operated in this fashion). So Ingeus say's that she must tell them who I am or more to the point the company she is employed by (NOT TRUE), THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER GETTING THIS JOB AT ALL. They have also harassed her constantly with phone calls, using many different tactics, trying to get her to divulge her employers name. All this so Ingeus can fill in some f'ing paperwork, so as to get paid some bonuses for finding her work, WHICH THEY DID NOT. They can not claim to be from the DWP, they can not say she is legally obligated, they can not turn up at the front door and bully you in to disclosing your employers name. This only happened today, so I wanted to post this, for both her and my sanity, we are considering are next move - I have always been a supporter and admirer of CAG and just wanted to share this. Signed ****ED OFF IMMENSELY AT INGEUS.COM
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