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  1. Hi Owen Have you got anywhere with Vodafone? My issues are still on going just wanted to see if they have resolved your issue. Regards Matthew
  2. All A little update Lee has been in touch and stated that call was being escalated, this was on Wednesday as of today Sunday evening still have not had any more updates. Lee when am I likely to get an update on what is happening or more importantly fixed? Matthew
  3. Hi I have filled in the online form and the auto reference number is [#10182544] Do you know how long it usually takes the VF rep to contact you? thanks Matthew
  4. Hi All, First post on the forum, I am having a problem with Vodafone since porting my number across. Like many others by the seems of it I have no mobile data. I can call and text but no data. I have spoken to Vodafone customer services numerous time on this issue and the call has allegedly been escalated to the network team. This call has been with this team for about 10 days and I cannot get an answer as to what is happening. So far I have been through the internet settings with every customer service person on every call. I have had the texts sent to me to do the Telco
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