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  1. what is the best pre paid credit card/debit card you can buy for online shopping for amounts less than £200 so to keep your finances in order and a limit on your online shopping? something you can buy from a newsagent without all the falaffle of appying online, whats good/bad?
  2. Nats Ins Card I have from the start did not have my full name, it omitted my family title prefix , which I never use anyway and just had my 2nd name and surname. I now need to update my name (its never changed since birth) on my online HMRC Personal Online Account which I opened a few days ago, so it matches exactly like my full name on my Passport because I am applying for jobs and they want the Nats Ins name to match my passport and driving licence name. The only link I have found online is this one here https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/shortforms/form/PAYENICoC?dept-name=PAYENI&sub-dept-name=COC&location=44&origin=http://www.hmrc.gov.uk On the above link under Change of name Please complete the relevant sections below with your new details It asks for Date of change of name (Its never changed since birth) just that when the Nats Ins Card was made years ago, it never had my full name -> So what do i put here, since birth? Reason for change of name: (Do I put to match Passport Name?) Thanks
  3. Name on National Insurance card does not have full name, as on my Passport. Anyway I've have applied for a job, where I need to show my NI card (which are no longer produced) or Online NI Record, which I believe is no online, can I go online to the HRMC site register and update my NI record, so my name is now in full as per my Passport? Its not a name change, but update to my full name as on Passport
  4. Name on my NI Card, is not in full as on my Passport I was given the NI card with a short version of my name. Anyway I've have applied for a job, where I need to show my NI card (which are no longer produced) or NI Record, which I believe is no online, can I go online to the HRMC site register and update my NI record, so my name is now in full as per my Passport? Its not a name change, but update to my full name as on Passport
  5. Should I put a fence up in the front garden to stop the tenants tresspassing or get CCTV first then the fence? My fear is i put the fence up, the tenats next door damage/break it, then claim they have no idea who damaged it and I lose more money, what do you suggest?
  6. Would it be wise to have CCTV evidence before taking an injuction otherwise the neighbours next door will deny everything. Should I get the landlord next door details and either meet or send a letter to him to ask him to ask his tenants to stop tresspassing and any damage to my property he is liable? My fence is already damaged, my tenants told me it was the kids next door, again I don't have CCTV evidence BUT the fence is broken from the neighbours side and 2 fences have been kicked/broken from the neighbours side. How does the injuction work out? I want the tenants next door out, because 10 years of this is too much
  7. The police and council have done nothing at all to help, social have paid a few visits because the lady next door had lots of youths coming and going to the house at all hours, but apart from that they have done nothing. For the scrap metal environmental health paid visits over the years and only once the house was sold at auction to the new landlord, did the scrap metal business end. My tenants are too scared to be a witness, because they are the ones that have to live with the nightmare tenants next door, so my tenants don't want any trouble. The family next door is is well known to the police for all kinds of acts of criminality but the police have done nothing and the local PSCO is too scared to even pay them a visit. Calling the police will only make things worse, what I need is concrete evidence because my tenants are too scared to be a witness, would installing CCTV help at all, if the neighbours next door were caught on CCTV could charges be brought against the landlord of next door or the neighbours?
  8. I bought a house 10 years ago as an investment, put it on rent, not knowing that what appeared to be an the empty house next door being, was in fact tenanted by a family who came from a rough council estate, well known to the police. I put the house for rent 10 years ago, during this time the family next door have 1. Had a scrap metal business operating from their back garden, piling up metal against the fence, I fixed up to stop them tresspassing into my garden. 2. Used a air gun to break my window. 3. Cut down a massive 50ft high tree, which fell into my back garden, broke all my fences and damaged my house. (The Tenants said it just happened by the wind, when they were visible cut marks on the trunk on the tree) 4. Broke into my house from the back garden patio, ripped up the central heating, thrown the central heating into a field behind the back garden and stole the copper piping. When I asked if the saw what happened, they said 'we just heard sounds' 5. Broke my fences 6. They cut down the bushes in the front garden and now are tresspassing into my front garden as and when they please and swinging from the metal guard door, I've put to stop breaking into the house. Over the years, I've been in touch with the social services, council, police and nobody has helped me. The police told me the family is well known to the police and has history and the local PSCO is too scared to even go to the house. I asked the lady next door, who is always in bath robe most of the time, if she had the landlord details, but she said no. I must have spent £5k on the house after next door have damaged it. Countless men and youths go into/out the house daily, the lady is on benefits as well as the other over 18's, very rough family. At my wits ends now, I have tenants at the house, who want a stop to the tresspassing into the front garden, they asked me to put a fence up to stop the tresspassing that will costs over £300 and I'm worried what if the people next door break/damage the fence. The only people who have caused damaged are the people next door, nobody else is going to come specially to cause damage. Shall I get the landlords details on land registry and write him a letter, asking him to tell his tenants to stop walking into my front garden or shall I go see him in person? I want to say any future damage to the house, can I take the landlord to the smalls claim court for the damage his tenants have done or may due?
  9. I need to get appeal letter sorted asap before anything else, plus my MP is useless
  10. Hi Slick132, I do agency work, so its temp throughout 15/16, HRMC said the computer system automatically out me on self assessment because I did not pay the original £190 under paid tax, which I can't understand, because I've been working 15/16 through an agency and been paying tax through my wage. I worked for more than 1 employer because the work is temp agency work, so when one job finished, I looked to find other work through an agency. No idea why HRMC say I underpaid tax? Can you help me NOW write a letter please, so I can get it sent asap Thanks
  11. As explained in my original post, I received no prior correspondence from HRMC, the first correspondece I received was the £100 penalty fine. I explained to HMRC I had not received any letter prior to the £100 penalty
  12. Like I explained above. ..I am not liable for Self Assessment, I explained this to HRMC and quetioned why they put me on Self Assessment.. ..their reply was I did not send pay the £190 on time (I told them, it normally gets deducted automatically) they said the computer system put me on Self Assessment because of the £190 not being paid. ..can you help me appeal it
  13. Correction...I received the letter on the 18th December thanking me for sending back the self assessment form for 15/16 and to pay £520 penalty which includes the original £190 underpaid tax. I have to quickly get the appeal sent, otherwise HMRC will increase the penalty.
  14. In September I received a Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 from HRMC, prior to this I had received no correspondence from them. I rang them up to explain I had received no prior correspondence from them at all. I was told the reason why I received the Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 was because I had under paid £190 tax in 15/16. I explained I was not self employed and normally procedure is for HRMC to deduct any underpaid tax from your wage automatically. I explained I was not self employed, but working for a company, so why was I fined £100 for not completing a self tax assessment form, because that's for people who are self employed and I was not. Having explained to the advisor I had received no prior correspondence to the £100 fine, I was told normal procedure is for HMRC to deduct under paid tax from your wage, but the computer system automatically sent the £100 late filing penalty charge because the underpaid tax had not been paid in time. Again I explained I received no prior correspondence from them, the advisor aologised, telling me to pay the £100 fine, she would then send a self assessment tax form for 15/16 out to me - I was to complete this and send it back and then I could appeal the £100 fine. I asked how much I had to pay, was told £190 underpaid tax, so I waited for the self assessment tax form for 15/16 to arrive. This arrived about 2-3 weeks later. A few days later, I received another letter from HRMC telling me I had not sent the self assessment (which had arrived and I was in process of completing) and now I had over £300 to pay. I quickly completed the self tax assessment form, sent it back recorded delivery and after xmas, I received a letter thanking me for sending back the self assessment form but I had to pay £520 because for sending it back late!! Now, how can I appeal 1. The £100 filing late charge 2. The £420 charge I only want to pay the £190 original under paid tax, which HRMC should have automatically deducted form my weekly wage in the first place and the HMRC advisor told me the HRMC computer system sent the late filing penalty automatically and it should not have been sent in the first place. Please need the more experienced guys help me appeal this asap Sent back the 15/16 self tax assessment form,
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