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  1. Hi... Just an update.. Thanks for all your help! Nearly a year on and they have finally responded saying they are unable to provide any of the information requested so are writing the debt off and clearing it from the credit history! With out the guidance of you lovely people we may not be in this position now! So thank you all and have a lovely Easter!
  2. How do I know when the 12 days is up though if I can't see when it was delivered? Do I count from day I posted? Cheers for your replies you've all been so helpful
  3. I sent the CCA off on Monday morning it still hasn't been delivered/signed for... Do we send another one or just wait?
  4. When We request the sar will it mean we then would have to acknowledge debt if they send info they hold about it even if the CCA request is not met? Where do I find the address for lloyds to send the sar please? Sorry bit of a newbie trying to find my way around here!
  5. Do you mean ignore them and not even send a CCA request until a claim form arrives... Or do a CCA request anyway? Sorry for being a bit thick just want to get it right!
  6. Thanks for response.. Can anyone tell me it says on the letter that our 'account is due to be transferred to howard cohen in the next 10 days' will they definately transfer it or are they trying it on? Also which part of the act in the CCA letter should I be using. .. It's for a personal loan I'm getting all confused!
  7. Value of the debt is £19k, about 4-5000 of this is charges and interest after we had asked them for help, and they refused We ran into difficulty as my husband was self employed at the time and work was non existent! No ppi on it as far as we know. Where can I get a template cca letter? Thanks
  8. Hi looking for some advice on a debt that has now been sold on and being dealt with by robinsons way... My husband took the loan out in 2008 with lloyds we think the last payment was made in 2010 but not sure however since then we have had letters from different dca's and the latest one being robinsons way who now own the debt, letter says that we have 10 days to get in touch with them or they are passing on to howard cohen solicitors who may start court proceedings, should we be sending a CCA? And does this acknowledge the debt? Any help appreciated as no idea what we should be doing and the best way to now deal with this! Thanks
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