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  1. Hi all, I'm after some advice... I claim wftc as a single person - my husband passed away 3 years ago. When he passed away my husband had his own business of which we were both directors and our acountant filed our annual tax returns etc. After my husband died (he had a pub) i had to change the pub in to my nme in order to keep it going - pubco insisted. I set up a new limited company of which i was the sole director and informed hmrc of the change. Sadly, i found it very difficult to manage after my husband died and hit some pretty rough financial times and decided to give notice on the pub. The limited company was dissolved at the same time. Whilst i did work during this period - too many hours to mention infact, i did not draw much more than £50 per week from the business and this is what i told hmrc for the purpose of tax credits. If anything, i over estimated. The company was dissolved before our fifrst set of accounts were due and therefore no tax / accounts etc were ever submitted. As i took my money as drawings and not as paye i never had a "tax record" of anything. After the company ended i decided to go in to some consultancy work an formed a new company at the end of the year. Payment wise is more and i advised the tax credits people of the increase. Our first accounts for the business are not due until august this year but the tax credit people are asking me for a P60 from period 2016/2017 which i dont have. What do i do - how do i explain this and should i have filed something?? I looked on the internet and it suggests that if you are a director you dont need to do a self assessment if you are not being paid a salary and only take drawings as and when available which is what i am doing. I'm stressing that they will close my claim and make me pay everything for last year back (the lady on the phone said this could happen). I will no way be able to afford that and i can't pay my mortgage without the current award as i'm building the business and only take a minimum amount out of it... Help!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please. To cut a long story short my husband died 3 years ago. He left me with a business which had an enormous amount of debt and I have been dealing with those since (it has now ceased trading) and continue to do so, it has not been an easy 3 years. I am at my wits end with a personal creditor in relation to my husbands funeral costs which given the situation seems ironic as most of the other creditors have agreed reasonable plans (or i would have been forced to go bankrupt) but these just wont budge. The debt began as £2200 and was with the coop. My husbands family originally agreed to pay half of the total costs £5000 but never did after paying the rest myself i was also left with this remainder to sort. At the time, the coop sent me a couple of letters and i wrote back to ask if i could pay in installments. Because i had bailiffs at the door for various other debts and a repossession order for my home to deal with i didn't prioritise the debt and it ended up going to court. I was then given a CCJ. My fault but couldn't be helped at the time. I had stupidly assumed once that had been done i could then agree a payment arrnagement via the court. This wasn't the case. Within a month or so i had a letter from Andrew Wilson and Co demanding the full amount within 7 days. I spent hours on the phone to them but they would not consider a payment plan as said i had broken the previous. Fair enough i suppose. Not having much of a choice the guy on the phone told me to wait until the HCEO came around and agree a plan with him. Having considered this further and after a visit to the CAB i was told to go back to court and ask for the judgement to be varied. I paid the fees to do this and went back to court. In the court the judge told me he saw no reason for the judgement to be set aside (not what i'd asked for) and as i hadn't bought any reasonable evidence as to why i couldn't pay (had stacks of debt letters and my husband had only been dead 6 months) he threw it out. The solicitor for the other side was nice - looked through all of my paperwork and told me he couldn't really give me any advice as it was clear i had no money to pay and no assets to the value. He said he would speak to his client about the £20 proposal i had offered as a token payment until i could get my finances in order. 2 weeks later i had a reply from AW telling me the client was willing to accept payments of £50 a month. I couldn't afford it but agreed and somehow (mostly going without things other people might class as essentials) i have been paying it for now 20 months. Today i decided to ask for a balance on my account. The debt started out as £2200. My balance as of today including the payments i have made is £3476. I am totally bereft. I have asked for a breakdown which i will list below. AW have also told me interest at a rate of 62p PER DAY is being added on continuously along with a monthly fee and VAT. I feel like it is totally unachievable to repay this debt. I see no light at the end of the tunnel despite having worked around the clock to try and get my life back in order. Amount of judgement £2738 Execution costs £111.75 Admin /compliance fee £75 Enforcement stage 1 £190.00 Enforcement state 1% fee £163.77 Enforcement state 2 fee £495 Accrued interest £442.80 Due to claimant £3292.69 - how? Total Levy £4401.21 Total enforcement fee £1108.52 VAT £184.75 Payments £925 Current balance £3476.21 Daily Interest £0.62 On the breakdown it says received from defendant and all the dates. Each month has: £50 credit £25 "client" £20.83 "fees" £4.17 "vat on fees" Can anyone tell me please how a debt that started as £2200 where i've paid off £1000 now rises to £3476. I have emailed the coop but they have just sent me back to AW. Just seems totally unfair and pointless i may as well of just taken the easy route at the time and gone bankrupt. It would all of been over by now but i wanted to repay everything the best i could and although i knew it would be hard have worked tirelessly to keep on top of things. Really feeling down about this. Shell
  3. HI, I wonder if anyone could advise me. I'm dealing with a very tricky situation with the local authority in which my husband and i leased a pub. To cut a long story short my husband passed away and i ended up giving back the pub to the brewery. I am now sorting out all of the residual debts left behind (mainly from the brewery) one of which appears to be council tax for the property we leased. I pay council tax on my own home which my husband and i shared. We never lived at the pub as we didn't want to and becaus the living accommodation was very poor and not big enough for our family. The pub was unoccupied other than the customres obviously. They had not applied SBRR which i have now sorted and got down to £800 for the year but they are saying i owe £1100 in council tax - surely i can't be liable to pay for council tax on a property i have never resided in - i thought business rates was what that was for, it doesn't seem fair If anyone could tell me legally whether this is correct i'd be much obliged, obviously iff it is it will just be another amount i will have to try and find every month on top of my own Shell
  4. Hi all, Im hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice... To cut a really long story short my husband had a 5year lease on a pub. It was his dream and it was doing very well. 2 years ago he became ill and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he subsequently passed away and i put a manager in the pub to keep it going. I arranged with the brewery to transfer the lease in to my own name and what happened some 12 months later. I have since hit some rocky times with a succession of bad managers and not enough time to focus al my attention on it since i had a job of my own which i needed to carry on in order to support my family. I was never able to draw anything from the pub as it didnt turn enough profit and i have ended up putting 30k of my own money into it to keep it funded. Sadly, i decided to give notice as i could no longer deal with the stress and received no help from the brewery. I have a few months left. In the meantime debts have been building to suppliers, mainly business rates and utilities. The utilities are in the pub name. The rates are in my name at the oub address. I have no money left to pay these at all. The weekly takings just about cover rent to the brewery, and unless that is paid they will jot release a beer order which would lead to obvious problems. I am paying the staff wages and other day to day costs personally where i can but its gettng hard and ive not been paying my own mortgage somtimes just to keep it going. they have recently obtained a liability order for the rates so i know a bailiff visit will be imminent. There are no assets on site that would cover it. What will they do? More worryingly, as i will not have been able to clear it before i leave what happens next? Im worried about them outting a warrent out for my arrest or something and also that i wont know about it as ill no longer have acces to the post that goes to the pub but i dont really want to give them my home add incase they then come there to take everything.... Please could someone advise what will happen and what is my course of action... Thankyou in advance... S
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