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  1. Hi Matty, No joy here yet. We got an email from Chris Warder at Vodafone on Friday 1st May saying that the issue had "finally been fixed", we should re-start the handset and it would be ok. We did this several times but there's been no change. So far no response to our email of 6th May responding to tell them that the problem had not changed. I'm going to raise another 'Ask Jeroen' complaint today, as this seems the only way to guarantee a reply (within 48 hours). Meantime we have also made some progress with Ombudsman services, they have taken on the case (reference 01111206-0
  2. Hoorah! Minor step forward; Direct Email from Lee acknowledging my complaints. Still no timescales provided but fingers crossed. Owen
  3. Hi Matty, Same issues here. Also got a similarly frustrating text from them just yesterday. Depending on who you believe they will either contact you "within 48 hours" or whenever your email get's to the top of the pile - on the phone to customer relations earlier they did say that they have been dealing with a lot of complaints about porting at the moment. Have you been on the vodafone eforum? I've got a thread running there too if you want another outlet to reach out to vodafone... On your question about cancelling, we would have liked to do this and I believe would have
  4. Hi All, Another small update. Made another call to customer relations today. Very polite but can't commit to any timescales on when they might get back to me with more information or when it might be fixed. I have now gotten a reply from someone at Vodafone over on their own eForum, but only to say they will be in touch - again no context or timescales. Will update when there is more info Regards, Owen
  5. Hi Silverfox, Thanks for the welcome, and for your assistance. I've done as you suggested and have gotten the automated response with the reference: WRT135 [#10170864]. Hopefully the rep here will be more successful in picking it up than my other numerous attempts to communicate with Vodafone. Regards your sentiment I couldn't agree more. The problems Vodafone are having with porting (for about the last~6 months in particular) are all over the internet (not least on their own support forum) and all experiences from the public/customer point of view are that they simply do not care.
  6. Hi All, First post on the forum, but have read many other similar threads now that I have done some searching on the internet - wish we had done so before switching to Vodafone. Brief summary: Vodafone seem to have messed up porting a number and while it can call and text the SIM can't get any mobile data at all. It's been like this for 6 weeks and Vodafone don't seem to be able/willing to do anything about it. Meanwhile they're still taking our money. I've complained in store (more than once waited in the store while staff are on hold to someone else for so long that the sto
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