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  1. Im playing on the side of the gps for a change here. maybe they didnt have the info we have today that keeping someone on amitryptiline for a long time was bad....I need to take your word this is true as I dont know.after all long term side effects take a long time to show! Trying to sue doctors in the past for stuff they didn't know then seems like a waste of time like they used to do prefrontal lobotonmies and electric shock them in the past but they thought it was right then.We can only sue them if they are doing it now for no good reason.You need to prove the bladder thing was caused by drugs and negligently so they must have known it was wrong in the past but did it anyway although if they thought that the mental illness was more of a problem and weighed the options up and went ahead for her sake that might be more difficult.Hernias are usually noting to do with drugs but weight and stuff so the amitryptiline doesnt seem to be blamed here only the decision to not tdo the op coz of heart probs which might be just being too safe.dunno. but if this drug does casue bladder nerve destruction and u can prove it and the docs kept givin it to her after they knew it and the illness wasnt enuf to take that risk then u got a case. careful the lawyers dont take it all though and leave u with peanuts.Sue them if they do. theyve got more money than the nhs and its all private so nowon loses.
  2. To be fair we dont know if the gp had already washed hands b4 arriving and as mum already had mrsa then she was more at risk fro her than giving it her again.She already had mrsa so cant get it again......needs to wash her hands b4 the next person though.Hope the reason the nhs gave that they didnt want to risk a hernia op becoz of her heart was a mistake and that bupa know this and are ready to transfer her just in case they were right if they have probs but good on yo for forcing an op coz yo think its right.anyway noone can stop your mum visiting even if she is mrsa as the staff on the ward wont know if u dont tell her. wards are full of visitors with infections who dont tell the staff just in case theyre kept away and they cant do anything about it....acturally that is not a good thing to tell u coz maybe thats how infections get into hospitals bu t u know what i mean. mum cant be stopped unless they know shes got mrsa and u can hide that like other visitors do.Keep away from other patients and vistors too not just the staff.dont ever let any other people near your baby and not even after you get home for a while too they could be carrying anything-most healthy people have mrsa but have no symptoms.good luck m8
  3. I reckon we should just give up on the nhs and just diagnose ourselves over the internet as everyone seems to do well here and then sue their arses. I know that every time we sue we take more money from the nhs but they should never be allowed to make a mistake coz they're not like us. We can make mistakes but they are the nhs and their mistakes are more serious than any we make and besides they're funded by the taxpayer. Looking at everything here they obviously don't care one little bit about us and we seem to know as much as them.We need to be like the usa where we pay for everything and the docs do every test and exam under the sun even if we dont need it just to make sure and that way they protect themselves and they protect us too and we can still sue them anyway. I dont know if we can sue internet sources of advice if they get it wrong
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