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  1. Thank you. Because I read that they refund/change only when it's still unboxed and not used
  2. So will they really change it, or you're just like, 'whep, just try it'
  3. Is there any way to bypass it, I have no idea, You mean that I can't even add some more money to change... Well On receipt it says up to 24 days of Refund
  4. Hi, 23 days ago I bought a keyboard Razer BlackWidow Ultimate without knowing it's only a green color, also, without knowing you can beg for a refund. The keyboard is likely untouched, looks like new, same with the packing. There might be only a small tear after a tape. I own everything just not the Manual. Can I ask for a refund of this keyboard, as I did not know the backlit is only green.. . I still have one day left I suppose, please, I request the very fast answer.. . It costed me £105, I still have receipt. I found there's also BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma in their shops, can I add some more money and change for Chroma one? Thank you.
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