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  1. Yes Champion Soccer. There is no DCA at thiz time, all contact has been through Champions Soccer only. Also I am the only signed user on the team sheet.
  2. Thanks man, pretty much put my mind at ease, so i properly appreciate it. I am going to sit tight, and will update this forum in the next few days and weeks. Thanks again Lobbo88
  3. They seem to be just bluffing man. I think I'll bang them an email, just stating pretty much what you have said, and see what they say. Also a guy in another thread has been very helpful and pretty much seems to think they are all bullers. Cheers for the time man, I really appreciate it. Will email them tomorrow, and let you know what they say. Cheers again Lobbo88
  4. Mate, to be honest, you were the one, I was hoping would reply, I was about to send you a PM!!!! When they said they were going to take you to court, how long ago was that you reckon? These guys are proper gits, they throw a lot of legal jargon at you, and it massively had me worried!! Cheers Lobbo88
  5. Nice one man, I appreciate the time taken to reply I have started a new thread, like I say would just love one guy to come forward and say, "yeah they never actually took me to court". I think I am gonna stick it out, I am also making a promise...as and when I find out more, I have saved this link to my shortcuts, and will keep you all updated, so for future reference, people will know the actual outcome.. ..I am still not 100% convinced that they WONT follow it up, but I will take your advice mate, cheers! Lobbo88
  6. Hello, I have replied to the existing threads on the forum, which have so far, put my mind 50% at ease. I have received the threat of Count Court Judgement letter, as all the recent posts also received, and I am convinced it is just a ploy. I am willing to gather the old team together and pay the debt, if it wasn't just an idle threat, which I see as more of abuse of the system and morally and ethically horrendous. If they do hold legal standing over me, then I will take everything in my power to ensure my credit rating does not get affected. However, I feel the
  7. Hi, I don't want to be a pain, but I am going to reply to all the Champion Soccer threads on here, trying to find a solution! I have the said letter, and have spent the past 2 hours trying to find a solution to any of the threads, unfortunately, they all seem to stop dead, which doesn't really help me. Hopefully one thread will come up with an answer to how any other letter from the other posters were resolved? Cheers lobbo88
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